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If you are looking for the best place on the planet to shop and dream about Can-Am UTV (sidebyside) accessories, look no further than!! We have the most extensive collection of accessories and parts for your Maverick, Defender, or Commander. We don’t take accessorizing your Can-Am job lightly, we are laser focused on Can-AM sidebyside accessories so we can be experts and make sure we know your machine inside and out. When you shop, call, or email we will always have the best trained and highest level professional available to help you pick out the perfect windshield, bumper, winch, lift kit, doors, cab, or anything else in our 40+ categories of products we carry. There is no online or brick and mortar retailer that offers more verity and more brands for of accessories and parts than Can-Am Maverick, Can-AM Defender, or Can-Am Commander, simply put we are a one stop shop! Shop Maverick Accessories now, Shop Defender accessories now, Shop Commander accessories now! Ready set… now, email, write, shop, browse, chat, stop in our store…ok we don’t care how you do it just get after building a Can-Am UTV that helps you have the best riding experience possible! These are awesome sidebysides macines and we are jacked to help you customize yours!!

2020 Can-AM UTV Accessories

The 2020 Can-Am Commander continues to be as functional and reliable as it has been in years gone past. The UTV you’ve come to love as the ultimate balance between work and play features a 71 hp Rotax 799.9 cc V-twin, liquid-cooled engine and Torsional Trailing arm Independent (TTI) rear suspension that has been revamped to enhance traction and provide optimal transfer of power to the ground. And of course the crowning glory of the Can-Am Commander, dual storage levels that provide 600 lbs cargo capacity with tilt-assist dumping. How clever! The Can-Am Commander Max also provides these features but with a spacious 4 seater cab that allows you to invite all of your friends to ride along.

Of course, the Can-Am Maverick, and Can-Am Defender models are also a part of the badass 2020 lineup. The 2020 Can-Am Maverick X3 boasts new colors and a rear tow hook Anti-theft system with a start and stop button while the 2020 Maverick X3 Turbo Max features new colors and a 4.5” digital display with keypad all while transporting all of your passengers in the 4 seats. Also available are the Can-Am Maverick MAX, Can-Am Maverick Sport and the Can-Am Maverick Trail. The Can-Am Defender has also joined the upgrade conversation with a 4.5” display the now includes an engine temperature gauge, an adjustable driver’s seat for the 6 person set-up and increased horsepower from 50 to 72. Can-Am has been a force to be reckoned with in the UTV industry and their 2020 lineup is no exception. More useful information awaits when you continue reading.

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