Extreme Metal Products

Extreme Metal Products, fondly called EMP was established in 2005 and currently has its headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio. This brand has its attention directed at custom sheet metal production. They manufacture all kinds of UTV accessories which has its material as a sheet metal for protection and ability to withstand impact. It is understandable that everyone wants to use their Side x Sides to full potential, but sometimes, if they are not protected, they could get seriously damaged. This is why EMP manufactured these strong aftermarket accessories; so far, so good, people have commended their efforts for making this possible.

This company doesn’t just make any of the accessories without testing them. That is why they have hired a team of professionals such as technicians, designers, product managers, etc., so that the right accessory can be used for the right UTV. After that has been done, they arranged into categories on their website as collections for customers to choose from. For instance, the Can-Am Commander has its section on the website where all compatible UTV accessories such as traditional doors, rear bumpers, stereo pod, etc., are listed for customers to choose from. This is a seamless process unlike other brands that have their website arranged disorderly.

In addition, this brand ensures that Side x Side owners can get to them anytime of the day. This is a good customer support and they often advise other brands to take up this habit because it is what wins the heart of people. Another unique thing about EMP is that they have a flexible payment option which means all kinds of payment methods is acceptable. This is comfortable for buyers who are in locations far away from the United States. Lastly, they have distributors and dealers all over the world who foster good relations with customers.

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