Everything Can-Am Offroad offers a wide selection of Can-Am Defender tires that cater to your specific needs. Whether you require tires for mud, sand, pavement or just bigger tires, we have got you covered. For those who need to follow road rules, we have street tires available, and for those looking to increase their ground clearance, we suggest using 30 or 32-inch tires. At Everything Can-Am Offroad, we guarantee to provide you with the best Can-Am Defender tires that will meet your requirements. Browse our collection now and find the perfect set of tires for your Can-Am Defender.

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Barring a catastrophe, your UTV’s tires are the only things that should be making contact with the ground, so it stands to reason they should be an appropriate design for the terrain and ground surface. No matter which tread pattern you run, even the best tires are a compromise in some way or another. Many people contend driving skills are the biggest factor in off road performance, but we can’t disregard the influence tires have on your Defender’s performance. It’s difficult to find a tread pattern that will perform well in all environments, but the variety of available aftermarket Can-Am Defender tires is much better than that for many other machines, so it’s relatively easy to find a set of treads that will perform well in your particular environment. Whether you prefer riding in leafy wooded areas, rocky bluffs and jagged outcrops, sand dunes, or clay-laden muddy trail systems, there’s a Can-Am Defender tire set for you. For the best Can-Am Defender tires from top brands like EFX Performance Tires, Maxxis, and Quadboss, there’s no source better than Everything Can-Am Offroad.

The most common type of tire on most UTVs, especially on Can-Am Defenders, is a general utility pattern. That is because they are typically the stock set of tires that come on most UTVs, and they perform reasonably well as an all-purpose tread pattern. General utility Can-Am Defender tires don’t excel in any particular environment, but they’ll get you from point A to point B if you have a little patience and determination. If your Defender is tasked with summiting rocky slopes one weekend, completing farm chores during the week, and enduring gnarly wooded trail explorations the following weekend, then general utility tires are a great choice for you. Your machine won’t be the best at anything, but general utility Can-Am Defender tires will make it a machine you can confidently rely upon to take on any challenge.

Most owners will use their stock tires until they are worn out, and that’s a fine decision as they tend to perform fairly well for most tasks. Through those experiences you’ll learn more about your machine’s capabilities as well as your preferred riding environment, and you’ll likely want to upgrade to a more aggressive off road tread pattern. However, not all Can-Am Defender tires are intended for the same surfaces. Sure, most aftermarket tires tend to be more aggressive, but aggressive is a relative term. A more accurate description would be to say aftermarket tires are more aggressive in terms of the terrain for which they are best suited. Big block, open tread patterns that spit out debris and prevent the treads from filling with sediment are ideal for muddy environments. Contrarily, tighter treads perform better on slippery, smooth surfaces, so they are great in wet, rocky environments where maintaining a positive purchase is critical. When it comes down to it, you need to choose a Can-Am Defender tire set with a tread pattern best suited for your local terrain and trail surfaces.

If there is an environment that legitimately requires a set of Can-Am Defender tires with a specialized tread pattern, then it’s deep sandy soils. Few tread patterns are capable of easily traversing dunes, and the only type capable of making it look easy is dedicated sand tires. Paddle tires, typically reserved for the rear, are composed of large rubber paddles that excel at grasping large amounts of sediment to get reliable traction. Conversely, the front tires have a tread pattern that runs lengthwise with large, uninterrupted ridges that act more like rudders than tires. This allows them to achieve a reliable bite while eliminating front end drift. A quality set of Can-Am Defender sand tires will allow you to have a blast in the dunes, but they are a poor choice for any other environment, so mounting them on an extra set of rims will be more efficient than swapping different tire patterns back and forth on the same wheels.

When the rubber meets the road, the best Can-Am Defender tires for you are the ones that will perform best in your local terrain and soil type. Whether you ride in rock, sand, clay, or mud, Everything Can-Am Offroad has a set of tires for your needs. When it comes time to replace your stock Can-Am Defender tires, look no further than our extensive catalog of options to keep your side-by-side upright and moving forward with confidence. After all, your Defender is a highly capable machine. You just need to give it the tools it needs to succeed.

Here at Everything Can-Am Offroad, we offer the best Can-Am Defender wheels and tires for all terrain types and off-road applications. Looking to creep around the farm without ripping up the grass? Look no further than a set of turf tires. Want a tire specialized for mud riding? ITP’s Criptid tires are phenomenal in the mud — although they ride like garbage everywhere else. We’ve got UTV sand tires, argo-style tires, and UTV paddle tires for dune riding, BTK and Quad Boss tires for mud riding, and Gladiator tires by STI for superior performance in deep snow. Moto MTC tires by EFX are great for all around use. They’re pretty smooth on the hard stuff and can hold their own on any muddy road around the deer lease or farm. If thickness is what you’re after in a Can-am Defender tire, the Kanti Mongrels are 10 ply, aggressive as hell, and DOT approved. Speaking of DOT approved tires, Tusk Terrabites are as well, and while they may not be the best for heavy mud use, they are good everywhere else.

Like the Terrabite tires by Tusk, UTV tires such as STI’s Roctanes are good, all-purpose, tires. They handle dirt and gravel roads as well as they handle hills and wooded trails. Use them for hunting or use them for working and you’ll get to where you need to go without any issues. Maxxis Carnivores do good, but when you get in deep mud you have to turn them fast — and you’ll cut gnarly ruts when doing so. If you’re doing less road riding and more mud riding, Dragonfire’s XM310 are super aggressive and do great in the slop. You’ll stand out with them and have a smooth ride; plus they pull like a mule. But if you want a truly oversized 35” tire that rides well around camp, doesn’t impact the machine’s top speed too much, and pulls great up hills — plus looks mean as hell — STI’s Outback Max tires take the cake. No matter where you ride or how you ride, we’ve got the Can-am Defender tire to let you do it better!

Choosing the right tiles for your Can-Am Defender or Can-Am Defender MAX, takes knowing exactly where you want to ride your machine. Many riders choose to go with a tire that can manage all terrains, whereas there are others who specifically want tires for mudding or to go riding through the dunes. Whether you are looking at tires because yours are now near smooth or because you want to change to some tires more specific to the terrain that you are going to be riding on, you will find a wide range of sizes and plies and generally the types of tires that you need to actually explore the various off-road options that are available. Have you been eyeing a set of UTV aftermarket monster tires? Well, we’ve got those too! We literally have every kind of tire that you could possibly want for your side by side. What you can be sure of is the quality of the tires that you see here. You can be sure that they will last, that they will not wear down quickly and that they will not be punctured easily. Choose a set for your machine, slap them on, and get back to the trails that you love.

Are you tired of subpar performance from your stock tires? Do you want to upgrade to brand new tires that were specially designed to conquer the trails you want to trek? Well, look no further! You can beef up your UTV with the best tires on the market. We have the perfect tire for you at Everything Can-Am Offroad. You can get Intimidator UTV or ATV All-Terrain Tires for your Can-Am Defender or D.O.T. Approved Gripper R/T 10-Ply Radial Tires for your Can-Am Defender MAX. Add the upgrade that you can easily show-off with and stunt on your riding buddies. Improve the longevity of your tires and the quality of your ride. With options like sticky or standard compound, and a wide range of tire sizes (from 26 to 40) and tread depths, the possibilities are endless. Get tires for your side by side from Everything Can-Am Offroad.