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Whether you’re trying to keep dust out of your Can-am Defender or wanting to keep your tipsy passengers inside the cab, running Can-am Defender doors on your side-by-side provides heaps of benefits. Be they metal Can-am Defender doors by SuperATV or OEM Can-am Defender Poly doors, at Everything Can-Am Offroad, we’re guaranteed to have the right UTV door to suit your needs. For those who want side-by-side doors but still want to feel a little breeze, Can-am Defender half doors are a great option. Because of their tight seal around the plastic panels, half doors cut in-cab dust by two thirds at least. And while the back may still get a little dusty depending on where you ride, a back window can help reduce dust infiltration even more. Some riders like the poly OEM half doors, while others prefer the sturdier metal Defender doors by UTV firms like BRP or Rage Fab. They can be easily installed by your self in around three hours.


In addition to poly and metal half doors, you also have the option of Can-am Defender canvas doors and full doors. Side-by-side companies like Puddle Buster and SATV are well known for their Can-am Defender lock and Ride doors, which feel solid as can be with hinges that are much more stout compared to other Can-am Defender soft doors. No matter what you’re looking for in a Can-am Defender door, we’ve got you covered. Gone are the days of shaky and rattling doors. Textured plastic graphics that don’t line up are a thing of the past. With the Can-am Defender doors from Everything Can-Am Offroad, you’re guaranteed to get great looking UTV doors that are sturdy, resilient, and able to go as hard as you do. Because at the end of the day, dependability and satisfaction is what we take pride in.

Adding style, function, and safety to your UTV is simple with a door. The right door can take your rig from basic to custom. If you prefer the added safety of a more enclosed ride, a door is the way to go. Your two door or four door rig will be the envy of all of your riding buddies when you roll out. Improve the style and function of your machine with a custom door from Everything Can-Am Offroad. You can get ultra-stylish Suicide Doors for your 2020 Can-Am Defender or Door Graphics kits for your 2020 Can-Am Defender MAX. These kits are specially designed to give your machine an easy-to-install, unique accessory that will take your aesthetic to the next level. With so many options in varying styles and colors to choose from, we’re sure that you’ll find the perfect one to suit your needs. Get doors for your side by side from Everything Can-Am Offroad.

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