Audio and Audio Accessories

Stay entertained even when your vehicle is stationary with Can-Am Commander sound systems, audio roofs, and soundbars, all available at Everything Can-Am Offroad! Whether you want a complete audio setup or a specific component, such as a speaker, subwoofer, or amp, we've got you covered. Jam out to your favorite tunes while on the trails or on the job with our high-quality Can-Am Commander audio products. Don't let a lack of sound hold you back from having fun - shop Everything Can-Am Offroad today for all your UTV audio needs!

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When choosing an audio system for your Can-Am Commander, you will want speakers, bass amps, and all the other necessities that make up your audio aftermarket accessories list. And these audio components call Everything Can-Am Offroad home. Nearly all of the Can-am Commander stereo systems and Can-am Commander Overhead Stereo Consoles come with speakers that are waterproof and built to handle the ever-changing weather conditions. In addition to marine-grade speakers and UTV audio gear, you can also get soundbars that offer you full streaming Bluetooth capabilities so that you can go hands-free when you get a call while on the trail. You can find amps and the necessary wiring as well as enclosures and covers for your audio components. When we say Everything Can-Am Offroad, we mean, everything. Your Can-Am Commander will sound ten times better than ever before when you choose an audio system for your UTV from any of the great UTV stereo brands that we carry.

Use a wake bar like those by Froghead Industries so your speaker can hang off the back of your cage or mount a speaker right on the dash. Unlike the cheap speakers found at Wal-Mart and Amazon, the Can-Am Commander stereo systems, Can-am Commander roof speakers, and Can-am Commander overhead stereos can truly crank out the decibels. After all, why buy a speaker that you can only hear when driving under 10mph? The Bazooka Sounds Pardy Bar, for instance, is plenty loud, and comes in multiple lengths to mount on the roll cage or in the cab. But if you really want to blast the tunes, some tower speakers, a sub woofer, and an amp are in order.

Be the life of the party during your next camping trip, beach day, or fishing trip with a full Can-am Commander Sound System from Extreme Metal Products or some Can-am Commander roof speakers from Kolpin Powersports. If there is an audio component or audio aftermarket accessory that you need for your Side by Side, you are guaranteed to find it at Everything Can-Am Offroad. Plug in your smartphone, mp3 player or iPad and let the good times roll with an audio system for your CanAm Commander that will overpower the engine sounds from the heaviest footed drivers.

When it comes to UTV aftermarket audio accessories for your Can-Am Commander the options are varied and so are the brands. For example, we carry a wide range of soundbars that include the Offroad Thor 10 Speaker Bluetooth Soundbar from Hifonics, the 6 Speaker Sound Bar by SuperATV, and the Big Red Bluetooth iPod 4 Speaker Overhead Weatherproof Soundbar from SSV W. The same goes for the speakers and amplifiers we carry such as the 6.5 inch 50W RMS 4 Ohm Cage Mount Coaxial Speaker Pair, the Front Speaker Pods With 120 Watt 6 ½ by SSV Works, the Compression Driver Tower Speaker by MTX Audio, 200 Watt RMS 2-channel Amplifier by Power Sports or a comprehensive kit that gives you a bit of both; the 2-channel Amplifier and 2 Roll Cage Speaker Audio Package by MTX Audio. S you can see when it comes to audio and audio accessories for your Can-Am Commander or Can-Am Commander MAX, you will be able to get exactly the sound system that you want for your machine all in one place. Choose from the best to experience the best and do not compromise on sound or sound quality by settling for anything less.

Add pounding bass and surround sound speakers to your Can-Am Commander and enjoy your next thrill ride with the soundtrack of fun. Show-off your favorite artistes and bands with your new audio system from Everything Can-Am Offroad and watch your riding buddies turn green with envy. Your rig will be the most decked out one around. Turn the volume up as loud as you want and rock on while you ride. All of the audio components you need to create your fully customized sound system are right here. You can get a Big Red Bluetooth I-Pod 4 Speaker Overhead Weather-Proof Sound Bar for your Can-Am Commander or a 2-Channel Amplifier and 2 Roll Cage Speakers Package for your Can-Am Commander MAX as well as all the wiring and parts you would need to make your dream a reality. With high-tech, state-of-the-art options that connect to many different devices, we’re sure that you’ll find the audio components that you seek in the style and color that you love. Get audio and audio accessories for your side by side from Everything Can-Am Offroad.