In addition to the winch line and the winch itself, the mechanism used at the terminal end of the winch line is quite important. Hooks can work, and shackles are even better. If you’re pulling your own side-by-side out of a sticky situation, there are specialty made UTV winch cheeks and chocks to help you tie onto a tree, bush, or pole. Snatch blocks are also widely used by avid off-roaders. If you went with a lower-rated winch or are stuck something fierce, using a snatch block — which uses the mechanical advantage of pulleys to amplify pulling forces — can give your winch that little something extra to overcome and overpower the adversary. Specialized fairleads can be bought for a variety of esoteric functions, and rubber winch cable stops are the perfect way to prevent your winch line from being sucked too far up into the winch. And in the event that you do pull your line in too far because you didn’t run a cable stop, we’ve also got UTV winch replacement parts such as rollers, replacement winch power controllers, and wireless winch remotes. From Can-am Defender winch mounts and replacement solenoids to a variety of other handy winch accessories and winch gear, shop Everything Can-Am Offroad for all your winching needs!

You’ve got the machine, you’ve even got the winch, now you need the part that brings them both together; the accessories. The winch accessories that you decide on are almost just as important as the winch itself. If you do not have a stable or strong winch plate or winch mount you will find yourself in the position of having a separated winch. And that could mean the difference between you being pulled out of that ditch and your winch breaking off from your UTV and you being stuck in that ditch. Choosing quality UTV Aftermarket accessories for your Can-Am defender or Can-Am Defender Max means meticulously choosing quality parts. Here at Everything Can-Am Offroad we have taken the guesswork out of that process. In front of you, you have a list of winch accessories that have been vetted, they have been scrutinized by our team so that you know you are getting the best of the best brands. You are not just getting the brands that everybody knows and loves you are getting the strong points of each of these brands so confidently choose the winch accessory that you need added to your UTV and get on with your chores, your work or your recreational life in your machine.

A heavy-duty winch needs heavy-duty accessories to customize it, keep it protected and keep it in place. Now that you’ve purchased the winch of your dreams, you need to upgrade to accessories that can help it last longer. At Everything Can-Am Offroad, we have winch accessories that are easy-to-use and can make your job simpler. We have so much to choose from. You can get a Replacement 50 ft. Synthetic Winch Rope for your 2020 Can-Am Defender or a Winch Wireless Remote Switch for your 2020 Can-Am Defender MAX. You can also get a Custom Billet Aluminum Winch Cable Fairlead, a Strike Force Accessory Bag or the most common winch accessory, a Winch Mounting Plate. Additionally, we supply all the replacement parts you may ever need. With these high-quality accessories, your winch can last you for years to come and continue to perform well. Get winch accessories for your side by side from Everything Can-Am Offroad.

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