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Winch Accessories

If you’re looking for the best aftermarket Can-am Defender winch accessories to run in your UTV, you’ve come to the right place. Here at Everything Can-Am Offroad, we’ve got a wide selection of winches, winch mounts, and other winch-related aftermarket accessories to simplify the winching process and make things easer. From winch wiring and wire harnesses to shackles, winch lines, and hooks, when it comes to Can-Am Defender recovery gear and winch accessories, we don’t mess around. Some winches are specifically made for specific winch lines, while others are more universal. Many riders choose to swap out their cable winch lines for a synthetic line. Synthetic winch lines are widely regarded as safer — because they won’t recoil should they snap and won’t stab your hands when they start to fray — and in many situations superior to cable lines. There are a few scenarios, however, where cable lines are beneficial, which is why our lineup of winch accessories include a variety of lengths of both synthetic and steel winch lines. If you’re installing your winch on the front of your side-by-side, there is a distribution block underneath the center of the dash you can wire it to. But if you’re running your UTV winch in the rear of your vehicle, you may want to run it to the battery itself since it is closer. Wherever you mount your winch, you can be sure that we have the all the Can-am Defender winch plates and Can-am Defender winch brackets to keep your winch tight, secure, and ready to pull!

In addition to the winch line and the winch itself, the mechanism used at the terminal end of the winch line is quite important. Hooks can work, and shackles are even better. If you’re pulling your own side-by-side out of a sticky situation, there are specialty made UTV winch cheeks and chocks to help you tie onto a tree, bush, or pole. Snatch blocks are also widely used by avid off-roaders. If you went with a lower-rated winch or are stuck something fierce, using a snatch block — which uses the mechanical advantage of pulleys to amplify pulling forces — can give your winch that little something extra to overcome and overpower the adversary. Specialized fairleads can be bought for a variety of esoteric functions, and rubber winch cable stops are the perfect way to prevent your winch line from being sucked too far up into the winch. And in the event that you do pull your line in too far because you didn’t run a cable stop, we’ve also got UTV winch replacement parts such as rollers, replacement winch power controllers, and wireless winch remotes. From Can-am Defender winch mounts and replacement solenoids to a variety of other handy winch accessories and winch gear, shop Everything Can-Am Offroad for all your winching needs!

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