OEM Steering Wheel Size and Hot Accessories for Your Can-Am Defender

May 14th 2024

OEM Steering Wheel Size and Hot Accessories for Your Can-Am Defender

Welcome to our complete selection of Can-Am Defender steering wheel hubs and adapters from top brands like Dragonfire Racing and Pro Armor. Whether you really want that quick-release functionality (isn’t it great not squishing yourself just to get out of your Can-Am Defender?), theft prevention, or just a nicer steering wheel, Everything Can-Am Offroad has you covered!

Steering Wheel Hubs and Adapters to Make Your Life Easy!

As always, nothing but top-tier engineering and powder-coated, billet-machined material enters our collection of Can-Am Defender steering wheels, adapters, and accessories, giving you the freedom to attach a premium steering wheel and the peace of mind that only top quality can provide. Choose from our comprehensive collection of Can-Am Defender steering wheel size and other accessories to make a game-changing switch today.

                                            An image of the Can-Am Spline Adapter, made to fit with DragonFire quick-release hubs and steering wheels, against a blank background.

A Huge Selection of Can-Am Defender Steering Wheel Upgrades

To offer a complete variety of high-quality options to our audience’s diverse range of needs and preferences, our Can-Am Defender steering wheel size and accessory selection includes an equally broad range of products from PRP Seats, Pro Armor, Dragonfire Racing, Assault Industries, DRT Motorsports, and other top brands.

Our Can-Am Defender steering wheels are made with materials like lightweight aluminum and carbon fiber, and are ergonomically designed to provide the perfect grip for all applications - race day or just tooling around. Utilizing robust 6-bolt patterns, quick-release functionality, suede coverings, and impeccably durable construction, these wheels achieve the perfect marriage of style and practicality.

                                  An image of the Can-Am Deep Dish Steering Wheel, covered with leather, uninstalled and against a blank background.

Compromise-Free Quality, Always

Steering wheels or otherwise, our Can-Am Defender aftermarket products are a direct reflection of our core values, which is why we never, ever let quality take a back seat. All of our Can-Am Defender steering wheels and adapters are made with the best materials by the best brands, so no matter where you click, you can rest assured you’re getting a precision-machined, battle-tested instrument of offroad awesomeness. Pick up one of our Can-Am Defender steering wheels today and see the difference for yourself!