UTV Inc.

UTV Inc. was conceived by a man named John Angal in 2004 whose interest was in Side x Sides. He made great commitments into his projects and came out successfully to manufacture some of the aftermarket accessories we see today. The brand’s headquarters is at Mesa, Arizona with a dimension of 20,000 square-feet; this is large enough for designing, production, marketing and distribution. As a matter of fact, they have a warehouse which is about 1,200 square-feet. This shows that the company is not here to make a joke, but means serious business for the off-road industry.

John Angal started out by making custom-designed parts as a small-scale business, eventually, it metamorphosed into a large-scale business. He had so many investors all over and customers who were ready to support the brand, not because of the personality but because of the effort put into making these accessories and the exceptional qualities. Even while he made these parts back then, the current ones available on the market now are improved versions whose performance are not limited in any way. In fact, what even attracts most people is the affordable price; no one believes that such aftermarket accessories for the Can-Am Commander, for example can be very cheap.

Furthermore, there is something in which this brand was built, and that is to respect customers. Customers are the reason why they exist, and without them UTV Inc, is nothing. This prompted them into providing the best customer service one will ever see. However, there are opening times, but there are other ways they can be reached just in case. Truth be told, most people are in love with the brand, not just for the name or personality behind it, but because their accessories put UTVs in the best of positions both on-road and off-road.

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