RICOCHET Off-Road was established in the 1970’s. The brand has its location in Salt Lake City, Utah. In its over thirty years of operation they have been concerned with the manufacturing of off-road armour of very high quality. Unlike many companies that manufacture off-road armour, RICOCHET has made its mark by focusing on quality. It doesn’t matter that the product is common in the market, quality is important where off-road armour is concerned. It is important for UTVs and accessories to be strong, durable, rugged and powerful in order to remain sturdy and lasting. Substandard offroad armour will make you return from a trip and feel like you are the worst for wear. RICOCHET eliminates this with their products. Offroad is rough and cumbered with obstacles. The right armour is what they provide you with. That way you will not return home feeling alien to your own self. We encourage you then to get the best armour from them. Every company or brand has a success behind it and for RICOCHET it is the team of engineers who work to ensure that the best UTV get out there. The engineers are not only skilled but dedicated and loyal to producing what you will require for best quality. Added to the team of engineers is the customer service representatives, the best in the entire industry no doubt. When you come in contact with them for your Off-road armour, you cannot help but notice their receptiveness and eagerness to be of help. It is no wonder then that RICOCHET enjoys favourable feedback for customers. With the feedback, they offer better products to meet the need of customers. A third plus to RIOCHET is that their Off-road armour are given out at affordable prices. This ensures that customers are satisfied as well as increases the competition among other brands. RICOCHET Off-road armour is just the choice on you. It makes trips easier and leaves you satisfied.

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