Everything Can-Am Offroad offers a wide range of products designed to meet your needs when you're experiencing problems with your Can-Am Commander axle. Whether your axle is popping out or you want to upgrade your machine's drivetrain, we have the solutions you need. Our collection includes a variety of products, from replacement parts like Can-Am Commander axle boots to axle extenders. Our team is available to assist you 24/7, answering all your questions and addressing any concerns you may have. We're happy to provide guidance on topics like Can-Am Commander axle nut size and axle nut torque specs. With Everything Can-Am Offroad, you can count on top-quality products and expert advice to keep your machine running smoothly.

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Long-lasting and durable axles are exactly what you need for your CanAm Commander. And while OEM Can-am Commander front and rear axle replacements work well for many ride styles and terrain conditions, many riders go with aftermarket Can-am Commander axles to meet their specific needs. Brands such as Warthog, SuperATV, and HighLifter are all known for the integrity and resilience that their UTV parts bring to the table during each and every ride. These aftermarket parts providers know that in order for their equipment to handle the rigors of outdoor life, their parts have to be made with the best materials. Before they release their axles and other aftermarket accessories to the Can-Am community, they are thoroughly tested to ensure that they meet and exceed industry standards. The brands carried by Can-Am Offroad are the best of the best, and have all been in the UTV and wider powersports industry making Can-Am-specific parts for years.

Whether you are looking for extended length axles for your CanAm Commander, a rear axle replacement, or a burlier aftermarket Can-am Commander front axle, we’ve got the side-by-side axles to power you through whatever you encounter when riding. If you are looking for XL Axles for big lifts, heavy duty axles by Highlifter are the way to go. If you just need something a little cheaper with a guaranteed two-year warranty, Eastlake axles might be your best bet -- for the front if nothing else. However don’t let their cheap price tag run you away. Unlike stock replacement Can-am axles, Eastlake axles use chromoly shafts and are designed with a larger shaft diameter.

Whatever axle you choose to go with, make sure to check the fitment before ordering. The last thing you need is to receive a brand new set of Warthog axles only to find out that the splines are different and the axle is 1.5” too long for your Can-Am Commander edition. Some aftermarket Can-Am axles out there will fit, but they don’t have mounts for the torsion sway bar -- in particular the 6” trailing arms and axles for the first generation Commander. But if you run a lifted vehicle or changed it’s riding geometry, the stock axle is more prone to break, bend, or fracture due to the added / altered forces. No matter what axle you have in mind for your rig, at Everything Can-Am Offroad we will equip you with not just the aftermarket axle and axle accessories that you need for your UTV, but also the information you need to choose the right part to match up with your machine flawlessly.

Whether you want to have extra axles to carry with you, are looking for a stronger alternative to the factory axles on your Commander, or you are looking to replace a broken axle, you will find axles that you can rely on when it really counts while you are out on the trail. The more time that you spend outdoors, there are things that you will find are inevitable, replacing your axles is one of them. Choose from the options that you see here to add an axle from one of the best brands in the UTV aftermarket parts game. The axles that we carry are trusted by amateurs and professional riders alike and they serve them well, so you can rest assured that they will serve you and your Commander or Commander MAX beyond your expectations. When you purchase an axle from us, you choose years of innovation that have culminated in the part that you add to your Side by Side. Your UTV deserves parts that are made by brands bursting with passion for offroad life and offroad vehicles, brands like HighLifter, SuperATV,, TrakMotive, Dragonfire, Moose, All Balls Racing, TurnKey UTV, and Warthog. They are the brands that you can close your eyes and trust.

No one wants an axle that isn’t strong, durable and trustworthy. Who has time to waste always repairing or replacing a broken axle? Get heavy-duty axles for your Can-Am Commander from Everything Can-Am Offroad. Why take the chance of letting the stock axle break in your customized and lifted machine? Treat your rig better by ensuring that it has high-quality parts only. No matter where, how or the terrain you like to ride, a new axle from top UTV brands is just what you need. You can get a Complete Front or Rear Axle Assembly for your Can-Am Commander or a Long Travel Axle or Big Lift Kit Axle for your Can-Am Commander MAX. The axles we supply are made of the strongest materials and sport a spectacular strength-to-weight ratio for the ultimate balance of strength. You can also get Tie Rod Ends and Kits so you can get the best replacement parts, should you ever need it. Get axles for your side by side from Everything Can-Am Offroad.