Ball Joints

Looking for top-quality Can-Am Commander ball joints? Everything Can-Am Offroad has got you covered. We have a wide selection of lower and upper ball joints, as well as replacement ball joints for your Can-Am Commander. If you already have your ball joints and just need the right tool to install them, we have ball joint tools that can get the job done right. With our products, you can enhance your vehicle�s performance and enjoy a smoother ride. Our ball joints are manufactured by trusted brands, so you can be sure that you�re getting high-quality products that are built to last. Browse our collection today and find the perfect Can-Am Commander ball joints and tools that suit your needs. Buy now and enjoy free shipping on orders over $99.

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Has there been an annoying rattling sound or vibrations coming from somewhere in your Can-Am Commander’s suspension system? Is this driving you crazy or causing anxiety? If so, there is a good chance the issue is one or more of your Can-Am Commander’s ball joints. If you aren’t already aware, ball joints are spherical bearings that connect the control arms of a UTV or side by side like the Can-Am Commander to steering knuckles. The Can-Am Commander has sets of both upper ball joints and lower ball joints. Chances are, at least one of your Can-Am Commander’s factory OEM ball joints are going to malfunction at some point. When we say malfunction, we mean that your Can-Am Commander’s ball joints will wear out, become loose, or just flat out break. And as you may know, the symptoms of bad ball joints are rattling or vibration sounds.

Because of how common busted or worn-out ball joints are, there is no shortage of aftermarket UTV ball joints and side by side replacement ball joints available for the Can-Am Commander. And lucky for you, all of the best aftermarket ball joint replacements for the Can-Am Commander can be found right here at Everything Can-Am Offroad. We are proud to say that our selection of Can-Am Commander ball joints is supplied by only the best brands in the business such as All Balls Racing, SuperATV, Moose, High Lifter, and Demon Powersports. Whether you need to replace your Can-Am Commander’s upper ball joints or lower ball joints, you will find a heavy-duty, reliable, and long-lasting replacement for a great price here at Everything Can-Am Offroad. Pretty much all of these Can-Am Commander replacement upper ball joints and lower ball joints come with a warranty, but we are almost certain you won’t need to ever claim this.

If you want to make sure your Can-Am Commander’s next replacement ball joints are its last, we suggest you order one of our heavy-duty aftermarket ball joints such as the Can-Am Commander Heavy Duty Ball Joints by SuperATV. These heavy-duty ball joints are constructed from ultra-durable and hardened 4340 chromoly steel. We also have even stronger super duty ball joints that are made from hardened and black oxide coated 300M. The heavy-duty replacement ball joints are twice as strong as stock ball joints and can withstand 24,000 lbs. of force, while the super duty replacement ball joints are 2.25 times stronger than stock ball joints and can withstand 29,000 lbs. of force. Both of these aftermarket ball joints can replace the ball joints on either your Can-Am Commander’s upper A-arms and lower A-arms and are simple and easy to install in less than an hour.

All Balls Racing also makes some good replacement ball joints for the Can-Am Commander’s A-arms. Take a look at the Can-Am Commander Upper and Lower Ball Joints By All Balls Racing. These upper ball joints and lower ball joints are direct stock replacements but are built tougher with a durable steel housing. These upper ball joints and lower ball joints also feature a self-lubricating design to prevent them from seizing as well as a bearing cup that isolates the steel rod from the housing in order to prevent damage. The self-lubricating feature of these ball joints is an important distinction because it significantly reduces the friction and wear and tear that is so often the culprit when the Can-Am Commander’s stock ball joints go bad. You really can’t go wrong with these upper and lower ball joints from a quality and value standpoint.

If you have decided to upgrade your Can-Am Commander with new aftermarket A-arms, you might as well go a bit further and order yourself some new aftermarket upper ball joints and lower ball joints to boot. If you want to make it as easy as possible for yourself, we suggest ordering one of the ball joint replacement kits we have such as the Can-Am Commander Lower Ball Joint Kit by Moose and the Can-Am Commander Upper Ball Joint Kit by Moose. These upper and lower ball joint kits make the installation process super easy with the included snap ring and cotter pin. Get your Can-Am Commander’s A-arms the durable and reliable ball joints they deserve today!