Body Panels & Accessories

Looking for Can-Am Commander body panels or panel clips? Look no further! We have all the Can-Am Commander body parts, wraps, and plastics you need to customize your side-by-side. No matter what you're looking for to enhance the exterior of your vehicle, we have the solution. From body panels to plastics and wraps, we've got everything you need to bring your vision to life. Our extensive selection of Can-Am Commander body parts makes it easy for you to find exactly what you're looking for. So, whether you're repairing damage or upgrading your vehicle's appearance, we've got you covered. Shop now and discover the endless possibilities for your Can-Am Commander!

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Variety is said to be the spice of life, and once you really begin to explore the modifications that you can make to your Can-Am Commander, you will find that you are surrounded by an endless list of options minor to major. At Everything Can-Am Offroad, you are guaranteed to leave with a part or product that you will be beyond satisfied that you invested in. And because you’ll likely use these random Can-am Commander accessories every time you ride, you’ll gain a tremendous amount of benefits from them. The Side by Side brands that we carry consistently top the industry in both style and performance, all of which boasting a long track record for making high-quality CanAm Commander parts and accessories. With all that variety at your fingertips, you may find yourself filling up your cart with a wide array of things that you want and that your Side by Side may ultimately need in your journey to personalizing it to exactly your specifications.

Do not be afraid to think outside of the box when it comes to your CanAm Commander, after all, your machine is built for adventure, so why not have an adventure upgrading and adding on aftermarket UTV accessories that will make your machine stand out on the trail or race course. Continue investing in your Side by Side. We at Everything Can-Am Offroad are here to guide you and to offer suggestions on what may be the best fit for your machine. And to power all your new accessories should they need electricity, we’ve got all the dual battery setups so you can have an accessory-only power supply. We’ve seen folks use an RT Pro Box lid as a tray to hold an additional battery. It’s easy to install and you can keep you stock battery. Add a terminal bar to your accessory battery system to take the load off the battery terminals and you’ll be golden. Alternatively, if you’re not looking for two seperate electric systems to power your miscellaneous Can-am Commander accessories, you can incorporate a voltage sensing relay into your setup. Take care, however, to insure that the battery reservoir capacity is large enough — you may need a full-size automotive battery. However you decide to power your aftermarket Can-am Commander accessories, at Everything Can-Am Offorad, you can accessorize till your heart’s content.

When we say that we offer you only the very best brands in the UTV aftermarket parts industry we stand by that 100%. These brands have built names for themselves over years and years of trial and error and have earned the right to be called the best in their class because they have many many more successful creations than ones that have a glitch or two. These brands have the best, engineers and designers on their teams and their quality assurance processes are through the roof. By the time a part reaches to your hands it has been tried and tested in so many ways that it’s almost as though it has gone to university and gotten a doctorate in the role it has to play in the life of your Can-Am Commander or Can-Am Commander MAX. Who are some of these brands? Bad Dawg, ModQuad Racing, Assault Industries, TurnKey UTV, EMP, UTV Inc, Classic Accessories, Dragonfire, Seizmik, and SuperATV. Choose from one of the many miscellaneous parts that we carry and enjoy the plusses of having added yet another amazing part to your machine. Explore the many amazing parts that you can find here for your machine and stumble across some parts you may not have even thought to get for your ride.

UTVs are all about utility and as such, many accessories exist to give you options for how you want to use your machine. They can be used individually or bundled together to create unique solutions for your needs. They can add to your aesthetic and upgrade the look of your rig or help you get through part replacements with ease. They can also change the way you drive by providing you with performance information about your vehicle. The possibilities are endless! You can get a 5 Version Gauge and Switch Panel for your Can-Am Commander or a UTV Wiper System for Hard-Coated Windshields for your Can-Am Commander MAX. You can also get custom gear shifter handles and all the clamps and mounts you could need. Between style, color and usage, adding an accessory to your rig can improve more than just the way it looks but also how it performs. Get miscellaneous accessories for your side by side from Everything Can-Am Offroad.