No matter if your Can-Am Commander brakes squeak, or if you simply need replacement Can-Am Commander brake pads, Can-Am Commander brake calipers, and Can-Am Commander brake fluid, your one-stop-shop for all things related to Can-Am Commander brakes is Everything Can-Am Offroad. In addition to Can-Am Commander brake pad changes and brake parts to remedy everyday wear and tear, at Everything Can-Am Offroad, we also offer UTV braking components like Can-Am Commander brake light switches Can-Am Commander brake pressure switches, and brake bleeding kits for the Can-Am Commander!


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There are many aftermarket accessory providers that claim to have the best models of brake pads, brake locks, and parking assists, as well as brake rotors and even entire braking systems, but at Everything Can-Am Offroad you can trust and rely on the integrity of the brands that you will find, who have established themselves for years in the UTV industry as providers of the best parts. Not only do they deliver on quality and lifespan, but Side by Side companies such as SuperATV and Trail Armor are known for using only the best materials to make their parts. And because they employ the best engineers, designers, and back-end fabricators in the industry, you know that their brakes will last longer and provide amazing stopping power, which comes in handy during a race in your Can-Am Commander.

While the importance of having brakes for your Can-Am Commander cannot be emphasized enough, you should not discount the importance of having parking brakes that are top of the line as well. If you ever find yourself needing to park on a steep hill, parking brakes will let you do it with ease. Do you tow your UTV? If so the Can-am Commander parking brake is an absolute necessity. The last thing you want after leaving your rig in park is to find out that it has decided to take a roll down the hill without you. To insure the safety of both yourself, your passengers, and your Side by Side, it is imperative that you have a fully functional braking system — which includes brake lights as well.

Even after installing a fresh new set of Can-am Commander brake pads, some riders find that they’re stopping abilities aren’t where they should be. A lot of times, it takes a ride or two to set the new pads to the machine. After conducting a few dozen brakes, the outer layer of crap should get worn off the brake pads. Bleeding the brake lines may also be required if there is an air bubble in the system. But if you didn’t crack the bleeders or mess with the lines, there shouldn’t be any issues there when changing brake pads. Regardless, make sure that your brake caliper is floating and that all the gunk and grime is cleaned out. If you need any assistance, want some advice, or just want the best Can-am Commander brakes and braking components on the market, you can trust in Everything Can-Am Offroad to deliver on everything brake related that you need for your UTV.

Get a parking brake by Spring Brake Thingy, brake pads or brake pad qualifiers by Moose, whatever your brake needs are for your UTV, you will find the very best here. There is no situation in which you put the need for having the brake system on your Can-Am Commander at its very best, second to anything else on your ride. You would be playing a dangerous game with your life and the life of your passengers. The brake components that you choose for your machine should be able to respond in the instant that you need them and they need to do their jobs not just to the best of their abilities but in general to the best. If this is your first time changing the brakes on your Can-Am Commander or Commander MAX, you may be hesitant to trust in UTV aftermarket brake parts, but as in this case and in many others the veracity of the parts that you are choosing is that they are either on par with their OEM counterparts or are better. The response that you will get from any of the parts that you choose here is one thing that you will not have to worry about while out on the trail.

Brakes are one of the most important parts of vehicles and should never be taken for granted. Trusting your rig to stock brakes just won’t do if you want to improve your Can-Am Commander’s safety rating. Everything Can-Am Offroad has the best quality braking systems for your riding needs. Upgrade to added safety for yourself and your passengers and experience worry-free driving when you know that your brakes won’t fail you. We supply Parking Brakes for your Can-Am Commander and Brake Pads and Brake Pad Qualifiers for your Can-Am Commander MAX. You can get top braking power in wet or dry conditions on any terrain. Do you want faster and quieter braking? Do you want exceptional performance from your brakes? Do you want brakes from brands that you know and trust to produce heavy-duty parts and accessories? Get brakes for your side by side from Everything Can-Am Offroad.