Carrier Bearings

At Everything Can-Am Offroad, we provide a wide range of Can-Am Commander carrier bearings suitable for different parts of your vehicle. Whether you need a greasable Can-Am Commander MAX carrier bearing, a front drive shaft bearing, or a rear drive shaft bearing, we've got you covered. While some riders might opt for factory-style replacements, we recommend using sealed carrier bearings like those from SuperATV. By keeping the ball bearings enclosed, our carrier bearings offer more durability and longevity for your Can-Am Commander. Don't settle for subpar parts when you can get high-quality carrier bearings that will keep your ride smooth and reliable. Check out our selection today and find the perfect fit for your Can-Am Commander.

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Drive trains are an important part of any UTV or side by side, and the Can-Am Commander is no exception. The parts and components that make up your Can-Am Commander’s drive train are responsible for transferring torque and rotational energy from your engine down to your wheels and tires. One of the central pieces of your Can-Am Commander’s drive train is what’s known as a prop shaft or drive shaft. The prop shaft is the component that transfers torque rotation from your Can-Am Commander’s transmission to the differential, which then eventually turns the wheels. Your Can-Am Commander’s prop shaft is held together by something called a carrier bearing. This is a bearing that holds the prop shaft securely in place while still allowing it to rotate and transfer energy to the differential. This makes carrier bearings critical to the success of your Can-Am Commander’s drive train.

Your Can-Am Commander’s carrier bearings have an important job to do, but it isn’t an easy one. They are under constant stress, and this pressure takes a toll. It isn’t uncommon at all for a UTV or side by side’s stock carrier bearings to wear out, loosen, or completely break after a while, especially on the Can-Am Commander. This is why there are so many options for aftermarket carrier bearing replacements out there for the Can-Am Commander. Not only will these aftermarket UTV carrier bearings offer a reliable replacement for your Can-Am Commander’s broken or worn-out factory carrier bearings, but most of them will offer a serious improvement to the function of your Can-Am Commander’s drive train. The types of side by side carrier bearings that offer not just a replacement but an upgrade for your Can-Am Commander are exactly the type of carrier bearings you should be on the lookout for.

Here at Everything Can-Am Offroad, you will find all the best UTV carrier bearing replacements for the Can-Am Commander from all the best brands such as SuperATV. Nobody wants to have to replace their Can-Am Commander’s carrier bearing, so to make sure that your Can-Am Commander’s next carrier bearing replacement is its last, we suggest you order one of the heavy-duty aftermarket side by side replacement carrier bearings we have here. Check out the Can-Am Commander Heavy Duty Carrier Bearing by SuperATV. This heavy-duty carrier bearing is built to last a lifetime of use with either a 6061 billet aluminum or A380 cast aluminum construction. It also features a two-piece design that makes installation super easy as well as a locking collar to keep the bearing secure. Unlike your Can-Am Commander’s stock carrier bearing, this heavy-duty carrier bearing is self-aligning to dramatically reduce vibrations.

An alternative to ordering one of the complete Can-Am Commander carrier bearing replacements we have here is to order one of the aftermarket UTV carrier bearing rebuild kits. Take a look at the Can-Am Commander Carrier Bearing Rebuild Kit by SuperATV. This carrier bearing rebuild kit comes complete with a greaseable self-aligning carrier bearing, mounting bolts and washers, and a thread locker. With this Can-Am Commander carrier bearing rebuild kit, you will receive everything you need to give your Can-Am Commander a fresh new carrier bearing in just a matter of minutes. And because this carrier bearing is greaseable, you can easily give it the lubrication needed to seriously reduce or eliminate friction and wear so that it will last longer and keep your Can-Am Commander’s prop shaft or drive shaft safe and secure. Make repairing or replacing your Can-Am Commander’s prop shaft carrier bearing easier than ever before by ordering this aftermarket UTV carrier bearing rebuild kit from SuperATV today!

There is no reason to keep settling for your Can-Am Commander’s faulty stock drive shaft carrier bearing. That annoying rattling sound or vibrations can finally become a thing of the past once you make the investment in one of the Can-Am Commander replacement carrier bearings or carrier bearing rebuild kits we have here. In addition, your Can-Am Commander’s prop shaft will become more safe and secure, and unnecessary friction and heat will be minimized or eliminated. Invest in your Can-Am Commander’s drive train by ordering one of the quality replacement carrier bearings or carrier bearing rebuild kits we have here at Everything Can-Am Offroad.