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Cleaning Supplies

Be it washing equipment to scrub the outer-facing surfaces of your UTV or Can-Am Commander cleaning supplies to get bad gasoline out of your machine’s fuel lines, Everything Can-Am Offroad has all the best cleaning supplies for both the outside and inside of your Can-Am Commander. If you’re doing engine or clutch work, you may as well eliminate any existing gunk while you’re in there with our specialty-formulated cleaning products. Or if your seats, floor mats, or seat covers are particularly dirty, we have upholstery and fabric cleaners that are perfect for the Commander’s interior cab compartment. Are you a foam cannon and SC1 kind of guy or gal? Or do you simply use a mix of degreaser and tide laundry detergent in your foam cannon to save a few bucks? No matter if you hose your bike down after every each and every ride, or blast it occasionally with a pressure washer to get the hardened mud cakes off, the Can-Am Commander cleaning supplies we offer will not only remove grime and set-in stains, but they’ll also help to protect the plastics, panels, and other surfaces of your bike. Get your side-by-side clean and find the right Can-Am Commander cleaning supplies to keep it that way here at Everything Can-Am Offroad!

Can-Am Commander cleaning supplies like waxes and ceramic coatings can be used that leave behind residual layers, and these coatings not only protect your machine, but also make it easier to clean. If you’re doing some “parade cleaning” and aiming to make your bike look immaculate, you can spray it inside and out with water alone, let it sit for five minutes or so, then quickly hit it with a wash mitten. Rinse again, let sit, and your vehicle is dry, you can apply a coat of SC1 on the plastics & powder coat. For everyday washing, making sure that your vehicle is clean will also ensure that it functions correctly. Clearing the radiator free of debris, for example, will keep the engine cooling system operating like it ought to, while washing the wheel area will rinse away abrasive dirt and sand that can damage the wheel bearings. Clean your bike to be a glorified mall crawler or keep it clean to combat wear and boost performance / comfort. But whatever you do, find the Can-Am Commander cleaning supplies you need at Everything Can-Am Offroad!