If you're tired of warm beer and soggy sandwiches, Everything Can-Am Offroad has you covered with their selection of Can-Am Commander coolers. Whether you need an in-bed cooler, soft-sided cooler, or tubular-shaped cooler for your cans, their chill boxes, ice chests, and cooler bags are sure to meet your needs. Don't let a lack of cold storage ruin your next outdoor adventure. Upgrade to a Can-Am Commander cooler box, cooler rack, or cooler and enjoy refreshing drinks and food all day long. Shop now and stay cool!

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Whether you choose a small soft-sided cooler that can chill on the passenger set holding a 6 pack of beer, or you want a UTV cooler with added features like a built-in scale and bottle opener that you need to put in the bed tray of your Can-Am Commander, you will find what you need at Everything Can-Am Offroad. You can get both soft and hard case coolers, and coolers in various sizes as well — anything from 20QT all the way up to 250QT. Most notably, the Pelican Coolers brand are known for their bear-proof certification, which is a testament to how strong and durable the cooler is. No more throwing your food bag over a tree when you’re camping, because even the baddest of grizzlies won’t be making off with your food in a bear-proof Pelican Cooler. These coolers also come with grips and are skid proof so that they will neither damage your tray should they actually slide around, nor will they slide around once they are filled with ice, beer, fish or meat. But even an empty cooler can be fastened with some proper UTV cooler tie-downs like the ones that come with Yeti coolers — which are particularly efficient as you don’t have to tie or untie anything any time you want to access the contents of the cooler.

These cutting edge coolers really do meet all your UTV needs as well as your needs as a Can-Am Commander owner. Getting the right cooler for you and your party is easy, and with the variety of options offered for you and your Side by Side, you can have more than one at the ready. So the next time you take your Can-Am Commander out on the trail, get yourself a cooler that will match up exactly with your machine and the adventure that you are about to go on. Grab an RTIC cooler with cast-in tie-downs or throw a bag cooler in the middle of your 23-gallon LinQ box. Use two soft coolers for a 12-galon LinQ box or if you’re needing the extra space, a 77-quart high performance cooler fits perfectly in the rear of the Can-Am Commander. Whatever cooler you go with for your ride, just make sure to not forget the ice.

Are you heading to the beach with you date or with a small group of friends? Are you supposed to bring the drinks on your hunting trip? Need a cooler? If a soft cooler is what you are after then you can turn to the Can-Am Rugged Offroad Cooler by Assault Industries, the Can Am Cooler by TMW Offroad or the Can-Am Soft Cooler by Pelican Coolers which comes in black or grey. If you are looking for something tougher, something more resilient then you have a variety of sizes to choose from created by Pelican Coolers with the offroad in mind. Do not compromise on quality and by choosing one of the coolers that you will find here, you will have chosen a cooler that will serve you for years to come. The next time that you take your Can-Am Commander or Can-Am Commander MAX out for a run or make that journey to your camping site or the lake for some fishing, have the perfect cooler with you. The UTV aftermarket industry is full of many brands but one of those that have been certified bear-proof is Pelican Coolers, safely transport not just your beers but your catch as well. As an added bonus, some of the coolers that Pelican Coolers create, come with a built-in bottle opener and fish scale. Perfection personified!

Coolers can be one of the best storage accessories you own whether you’re transporting a fresh catch of fish, your latest hunting kill, food for the camping trip or beers for the guys. Spoilt food is a thing of the past! Warm items can remain warm and your ice will last the full duration of your trip with heavy-duty coolers from Everything Can-Am Offroad. The perfect cooler to suit your needs awaits, whether you want to store it in the back seat of your Can-Am Commander or the bed. Hunting deer or catching trout? Coolers of varying sizes are the best options to store your game until you get home. We supply Wheeled Tailgate and Elite Coolers in many sizes for your Can-Am Commander and Rugged Off-Road Soft Cooler Bags for your Can-Am Commander MAX. Made from the toughest quality materials and with many colors to choose from to match your rig, your new cooler will be able to withstand any terrain you trek. Get coolers for your side by side from Everything Can-Am Offroad.