ECU Tuners

At Everything Can-Am Offroad, we offer assistance with tuning your Can-Am Commander ECU and provide information about Can-Am Commander ECU reflash options. Our team is knowledgeable about Can-Am Commander ECU location and can help you optimize your machine with aftermarket add-ons. Our ECU tuners, programmers, and adjusters also have the ability to unleash the full potential of bone-stock buggies by removing speed governors, RPM limiters, and other pre-programmed safety protocols. Whether you're looking to improve your machine's performance or simply need help with ECU tuning, we're here to help. Contact us today for more information!

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If you choose to go with an ECU Tuner from SuperATV, then the technical side of owning this UTV aftermarket accessory includes the ability to view vehicle data channels in real time via the easy-to-operate, high contrast display. The designers of this particular ECU tuner made it easy to use and set up. You can install it on your Can-Am Commander yourself as it uses the OEM diagnostic connector. Once you do this, the SuperATV tuner will then give you access to brains of your machine, enabling you to improved performance and handling metrics, remove factory limitations from your Side by Side, increase horsepower, improve torque, and grant you the ability to lower internal temperatures so that you’re engine doesn’t overheat. With a Can-

Am Commander programmer, you can use your motor more efficiently and increase the overall speed of your UTV by up to 40%. Another brand we carry at Everything Can-Am Offroad that specializes in UTV tuners and computer programmers is Trinity Racing. Although similar to the ECU Tuners offered by SuperATV in the benefits you gain from adding it to your Can-Am Commander, this tuner differs in the interface, having a push-button design and working best with the Trinity Racing Exhaust. the tuners from Trinity Racing allow you to adjust the air-fuel ratio of your Side by Side, thus increasing the speed and efficiency of your CanAm Commander.

At Everything Can-Am Offroad, we are all about making your machine operate at its optimum level. And to customize your machine for the places you take it, UTV aftermarket accessories are the way to go. And while accessories like aftermarket clutches and radiator relocation kits are awesome, if the brains behind the operation are off, the accessories that the ECU controls won’t perform as they should. So if you’re looking to get the most out of your UTV, extend its life, and get access to crucial diagnostics that tell you a great deal about how your rig is running, an ECU tuner is your best option. Sure you could use a laptop to flash the ECU or download log files, this requires special programs that are slightly difficult to use and understand. An ECU programmer, on the other hand, uses an intuitive interface that is easy to operate. And if you’re worried about an ECU tuner voiding your warranty, don’t worry. Simply remove the unit before you take your rig in and they’ll be none the wiser. So what are you waiting for? Start riding to the fullest with an Can-Am Commander ECU tuner from Everything Can-Am Offorad!

Take the best performance that you are accustomed to getting out of your Can-Am Commander, add an ECU Tuner from the list here and blow your precious best out of the water or mud or sand or snow. Whatever your terrain preference, when it comes to the performance of your machine, most are barely scratching the surface of the potential power, speed and fuel efficiency that can be achieved by your UTV. When you add an ECU Tuner, you take the limits off of your machine and enter into another realm of high performance that your friends will not be able to keep up with. A large factor of the ECU Tuner is the ability to tune your machine yourself and to your driving style specifically so that your machine becomes an extension of you. The options we carry are plug n play systems and they come as either digital systems or ones with buttons that you can adjust. They also come with presets and are available in stage one and stage two modification levels. Take the factory limits off of your Can-Am Commander or your Can-Am Commander MAX today with these UTV aftermarket ECU Tuners and you will never feel the need to drive without one again.

Any UTV can perform at a factory standard. However, for riders that desire more, one of the best ways to improve performance is with Electronic Control Tuning or ECU Tuners. Your engine can be fine-tuned to give you a totally custom riding experience that will leave your riding buddies in the dust. Adjusting your drive wire, cooling fans and rev limit has never been simpler than with an ECU Tuner that can save multiple tunes. This means that your favorite tunes are at your fingertips and can be quickly and easily switched to complement your riding style. The tuners that we supply for your 2020 Can-Am Commander and 2020 Can-Am Commander MAX are easy-to-install and feature state-of-the-art touch-screen functions. Poor performance, sputtering and shutdowns and even overheating while pushing the limits of your UTV’s load capacity are a thing of the past. Get ECU tuners for your side by side from Everything Can-Am Offroad.