Engine Performance

Everything Can-Am Offroad offers a range of Can-Am Commander engine performance products that help increase overall functionality and power. Whether you're looking to solve an issue or simply improve your machine's performance, our Can-Am Commander engine rebuild kits, block heaters, and engine parts are designed to help you get the most out of your engine. Our products include cylinders, pistons, and valve-adjustment tools that help you extract every last bit of performance from your machine. No matter what your end goal is, you can trust our Can-Am Commander engine performance products to get you there.

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The Can-Am Commander is no slowpoke by any stretch of the imagination, but there are various Can-Am Commander engine performance accessories that you can install for increased power, added torque, and some extra giddy-up and go! If you’re after Can-Am Commander engine performance products to improve acceleration and 0-60 times, we’ve got just the stuff for you at Everything Can-Am Offroad. Or if you’re more interested in elevating the top-end speed of your Can-Am Commander, our engine performance parts can do that as well! Some of the Can-Am Commander engine mods we offer are a bit complicated to understand and install, while other accessories we sell to improve the performance of your Can-Am Commander motor are simple to use and completely plug-and-play! But regardless of whether you want to augment your Can-Am Commander engine to do better in the local tug-of-war contest, or if you’re simplify wanting to expand the longevity of your Can-Am Commander motor with parts, kits, and components that are built to last, you won’t struggle to find the right Can-Am Commander engine performance products for your needs here at Everything Can-Am Offroad!

To really open up your Can-Am Commander, it is crucial that you use the Can-Am Commander performance key with sport mode on. But even if you only have the work key, it can be reprogrammed by your dealer to make it a Can-Am Commander sport key. No matter what color the key is (be it grey or black) any Can-Am UTV dealership worth their weight in salt will be able to reprogram it with the BUDS system on their computer in less than 10 minutes. Unlike previous Can-Am Commanders, the newer editions only come with one key, and BRP sends them out with the underperformance keys to prevent the truck drivers and delivery guys from clowning around on them before they get sold. That being said, even with a properly-programmed performance key, you may still want things like Can-Am Commander engine coolant to reduce Can-Am Commander engine hit as well as Can-Am Commander engine rebuild kits to ensure that you’re getting the most power and performance out of your Can-Am Commander motor!

Similar to performance keys, Can-Am Commander ECU tuners can also increase engine performance by adjusting / fine-tuning the various systems of the vehicle via the computerized electronic control unit. When it comes to hardware, however, Can-Am Commander ported cylinder heads as well as Can-Am Commander racing seals, retainers, and valves are also options for those with an insatiable need for power! Unlike Can-Am Commander 1000 engine rebuild kits or Can-Am Commander 800 engine rebuild kits, engine upgrades like cylinder head porting kits are not meant to restore the motor to its previous state. Rather, by porting your Can-Am Commander cylinder heads, you’ll be able to make your rig faster, meaner, and more badass than it ever was from the factory!

On top of cylinder head porting kits for the Can-Am Commander, many riders also choose to upgrade their camshafts for better engine performance. But even without a new Can-Am Commander front or rear camshaft assembly / high-rpm race camshaft kit, superior engine performance can also be achieved with replacement Can-Am Commander camshaft piston sensors. And while we’re on the subject of pistons, let us not forget to mention Can-Am Commander big bore kits. One of the best ways to extract further Can-Am Commander engine horsepower from your UTV is to do a Can-Am Commander big bore kit. Big bore kits for the Can-Am Commander work by increasing the cylinder size to gain more cubic centimeters. And with more cylinder volume comes more power; a great solution for both high-end rebuilds as well as low-cost Can-Am Commander engine performance upgrades! As long as you don’t go too extreme with the bigger bore, you won’t experience any overheating issues. And with a complete kit from Everything Can-Am Offroad that comes with everything you’ll need from forged pistons and gaskets to lightweight yet super strong cylinders, your rig will be race-ready without suffering from any of the pitfalls that might accompany other Can-Am Commander engine performance mods.

With the Can-Am Commander engine performance products at Everything Can-Am Offroad, it has never been easier to upgrade, modify, or maintain your UTV’s engine! There are various ways in which one can get more power out of their engine, and some are cheaper than others. But regardless of whether you’d like Can-Am Commander engine upgrades for a little more performance without breaking the bank, or if you want as much horsepower as possible and are willing to pay whatever it takes to get there, we’ve got the stuff for you at Everything Can-Am Offroad! Looking for an aftermarket billet intake plenum for your Commander XT 1000? Or how about a big bore kit, a header porting kit, or some high-strength cams for your Can-Am Commander 800? You don’t have to upgrade to a Can-Am Maverick if you want more speed, nor must you conduct a complete engine swap. Be it for more horsepower or to achieve greater strength and durability, the right engine performance products for you and your Can-Am Commander can be found right here at Everything Can-Am Offroad!

Things like plug-and-play fuel programmers can be attached to the injector ports of your Can-Am Commander, which will regulate the fuel ratio to give you greater engine performance. Although such accessories can and are used as standalone upgrades, they are particularly important for those who’ve installed aftermarket exhausts. But whatever end you’re trying to reach with regards to your side-by-side motor, the Can-Am Commander engine performance products from Everything Can-Am Offroad will help you get there! We’ve got engine performance parts made for short-course and marathon racers, as well as engine upgrades to help hill climbers and rock crawlers. So if you want greater engine reliability, a few more ponies, or a clean engine that will stand the test of time, the perfect solutions for you can be found at Everything Can-Am Offroad!

No matter if you’re after a Can-Am Commander engine diagram to work on the new Can-Am Commander 1000 engine kit you just bought, or if all you need are a few Can-Am Commander motor parts to make the required replacements for a higher-performing engine, Everything Can-Am Offroad is here to help with every aspect of your machine and its engine. So don’t fret and feel free to reach out to Everything Can-Am Offroad with any questions, comments, or concerns that you may have regarding your Can-Am Commander motor!