Fire/Medical Rescue

Be it Can-Am Commander fire extinguishers and quick-release fire extinguisher mounts for small-scale blazes, pull-behind Can-Am Commander water tanks with built-in pumps and hoses for larger firefighting endeavors, or Can-Am Commander medical / search and rescue accessories for any emergency situation, don’t cut corners when lives are at risk and procure your Can-Am Commander fire / rescue accessories from Everything Can-Am Offroad. To communicate with other professionals and volunteers in the field, we sell Can-Am Commander communication systems, and to increase visibility, we offer Can-Am Commander search lights, spot lights, and flood lights!

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What’s the difference between a riveting ride in your well-kitted Can-Am Commander and a worrisome one? It’s all about preparation. The more prepared you are with durable and high-quality Can-Am Commander fire and medical rescue accessories, the less you will have to hesitate before pressing down on that accelerator a little “zealously” (come on, you know you want to). Nobody likes to think about suffering a bad accident and/or dealing with a dangerous fire while on the road in your Can-Am Commander or Commander Max, but it’s much better to think about it once and be done with it than to let it creep in the back of your mind. That’s why Everything Can-Am Offroad has conscientiously crafted a broad selection of the most dependable Can-Am Commander medical rescue accessories around, including Commander fire extinguishers, mounts, medical beds, search and rescue accessories, and much more. Though we have quite the variety in this category, one theme stays consistent: if we wouldn’t have it in our side by sides, then we’re certainly not going to offer it to you. Every one of these products is rated to withstand harsh conditions and work when you need it to.

Let’s kick off our tour of the potentially life-saving Can-Am Commander fire and medical rescue accessories with Commander fire units. If you’re worried about some bulky, heavy extinguisher that’s going to rattle and clang against your roll bars, let us set your mind at ease. Our Can-Am Commander fire extinguishers and mount kits aren’t cheaply repurposed home units; they’re specifically designed to meet your needs as a UTV enthusiast. Utilizing specialized rubber pads, vinyl mounting material, and super strong velcro straps among other designs, these Can-Am Commander fire extinguisher mounts and fire hazard kits are all about staying out of the way, yet close enough for when you need them. Speaking of, our fire rescue accessories are designed with quick-release technology to allow for extremely fast access to the extinguisher, because that extra few seconds saved can make the difference between a small ordeal and a life-threatening situation. Fitment is almost never an issue when our entire collection is taken into account either, so whatever you’ve done to that Can-Am Commander or Commander Max, we will find an adjustable mount to (literally) fit your situation.

Of course, a fire extinguisher by itself isn’t necessarily going to cut it if you come across (or, if you’re specifically called to) a wildfire in your Can-Am Commander or Commander Max, which is why we offer professional-grade Can-Am Commander search and rescue skid units with medical beds and poly water tanks. These diamond-plated aluminum kits will single-handedly convert your Can-Am Commander into a firefighting machine, and even offer available foam systems. Each highly durable kit comes with a seriously powerful pump, hosing, a rescue area with grab rails and straps for safe transport, and much more. Like the pragmatically designed fire extinguisher kits on offer, many of these systems feature quick-release tie downs for the hoses so you can waste no time getting to your equipment. Your ability as a UTV rider to maneuver through tighter terrain quickly and reach people in need just might be enough to save a life with the help of these Can-Am Commander search and rescue skid units.

Wherever you land on the spectrum, whether it’s closer to the “I just want to ride around, but safely” side or “I’m here to fight fires and save lives” side, Everything Can-Am Offroad has the Can-Am Commander and Commander Max fire and medical rescue accessories that will help put you and your passengers’ minds at ease. This includes offroad-worthy first aid kits from reputable vendors like Savage UTV, fire tape and handheld extinguishers, and much more. Just need to replace a part or upgrade your noisy, unstable mount? We’ve also got plenty of mounts, tie down straps, brackets, and other parts sold separately so you can get exactly what you need without paying extra. Remember: if you only worry about it the one time and prepare yourself well, you won’t have to let the “what ifs” take over your mind. And nothing ruins a freeing ride on the open trail greater than, well, thinking! Be safe, check out our selection, and keep yourself and the people you care about protected.