Fuel Packs and Mounts

Everything Can-Am Offroad has a range of Can-Am Commander fuel packs and mounts that are perfect for extending the range of your side-by-side. With these fuel cans, jerry cans, or gas packs, you can safely transport gasoline and other flammable liquids to your on-site generator or deep into the bush on your hunting lease. The fuel packs and mounts are easy to secure, so you can travel confidently knowing that your fuel source is secure. Keep moving forward with Everything Can-Am Offroad's Can-Am Commander fuel packs and mounts, no matter how far you go. Don't risk running out of fuel on your adventures - get a proper fuel pack today!

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At your fingertips, you can now find every kind of fuel mount or other mount that you need for your Can-Am Commander, and you can know while perusing the options that they are made by brands that employ the best engineers, designers, and builders, many of whom are UTV enthusiasts themselves as part of their respective teams. The options that you have for your Can-Am Commander are so varied because they are made by UTV brands that believe in providing options that match the needs and wants of customers to the letter. Such brands as Hornet OutdoorsRotopaxMooseKolpin PowersportsGreat DaySuperATVExtreme Metal Products, and Dragonfire have proven to be leaders in not only the side-by-side industry, but the powersports industry as a whole.

Aftermarket UTV accessories are our specialty here at Everything Can-Am Offroad, and ensuring that our customers find exactly what they need is our top priority. With us, you will find quality, variety and the guidance that you need to choose the right parts for your Can-Am Commander with ease. And because customer satisfaction is among the top priorities of both us and our partners, the fuel packs and mounts we offer are simple to use and install, taking only a few minutes at the longest.

When dealing with flammable material, it’s always best to take adequate precautions. For example don’t strap down a conventional jerry can in the bed of your Commander, and make sure to ensure that the cap is tight and secure regardless of what you use to store extra gasoline. Be cognizant of static charges as well. If you don’t use a proper Can-am Defender Fuel Pack Mount, your gas can will slide around, creating static electricity that can spark and ignite the fuel. Best UTV practices dictate that you touch the metal of your side-by-side to ground the built-up electric charge before opening fuel packs. Stay safe, extend the duration of your rides, go further than ever before, and get that piece of mind knowing you’ll never run out of gas again because you’re running a Can-Am Commander Fuel Pack and Mount from Everything Can-Am Offroad.

There are mounts for fire extinguishers, mounts for chainsaws, mounts for seats, mounts for step ups, mounts for storage and mounts for soundbars and there are many more. When it comes to mounts you are hardpressed to find a mount that we do not carry for your Can-Am Commander. They are the little details that make a big difference so they need to be up to the task of holding your various add-ons securely on your UTV as you chase across the trail or race course. As for fuel packs for your UTV, the ones that we offer will definitely be one of the things that you want to mount. They are also very safe as it regards carrying that flammable liquid and they are built to take a bit of battering themselves. As UTV aftermarket add-ons go, they are yet another add-on for your Can-Am Commander or Can-Am Commander MAX that goes beyond just delivering on what it is supposed to do, but also comes in handy at some really unexpected times. These details make all the difference when you spend a lot of your time offroad as any adventure can turn into a lengthy one and in the case of the fuel packs it would be great to have the additional fuel so that you can be sure to get you, your passengers and your Side by Side back home safe and sound.

A fuel pack is a wise addition to your must-have accessories as it provides you with the peace of mind that you won’t run out of gas, no matter how far you roam. You can refuel anywhere and even assist others that may have shut down along the way. Gasoline packs are available in many options that vary in capacity to allow you to bring as little or as much extra fuel as you think you may need. With a quick refuel, you can avoid unnerving downtime, especially when you’re stuck on the trail, and get back to riding. You can get the perfect fuel pack for your Can-Am Commander or Can-Am Commander MAX. We also supply various mounts that allow you to securely bring your most needed items along with you. These mounts can be attached directly to your frame and are easy-to-install for the ultimate hold. Get fuel packs and mounts for your side by side from Everything Can-Am Offroad.