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Maverick X3

Heat Shields

From tailpipe shields and flexible Can-Am commander heat shielding panels to heat wrap and heat-blocking bed mats, Everything Can-Am Offorad is the best destination for those looking to add Can-Am Commander heat shielding accessories to their side-by-sides. We’ve got titanium UTV exhaust wrap for both the mufflers and the header pipes on the Can-Am Commander, as well as exhaust deflector shields that both block heat and protect the exhaust from impacts against the ground. You can use our Can-Am Commander heat shields to prevent your body plastics from warping, melting, and getting burnt, or use them for sound suppression to make the interior cabin space of your bike less noisy. Rather than installing specialty-made Can-Am Commander heat shielding covers, many riders choose to pull the cover on their machine’s center console and insulate it front the inside. Do this with cheap insulation that isn’t isn’t UTV-worthy, however, and you could run the risk of it overheating, falling off, and catching fire. With the console heat shielding material from Everything Can-Am Offorad, you can reflect heat back and out the rear instead of letting it into the cab, all while maintaining a clean factory look!

DEI makes good off-road heat shielding accessories that can be used in the Can-Am Commander, and the side-by-side firms TurnKey UTV, Geizer Performance, and UTV Inc all make fantastic heat shielding products for the Can-Am Commander as well. Need an under-bed heat shield to extend the longevity of the ice in your cooler? Or how about a padded in-bed heat shield product by a company like RazorBack Offroad so that your K9 riding buddies don’t scorch their paws? No matter what heat-related issues you face, we’ve got the Can-Am Commander heat shields to both proactively and retroactively fix all of your overheating problems! Don’t wait until the damage is irreversible and install the right heat shields on your machine today!

31 products

31 products