Hitches and Frame Support

Looking for Can-Am Commander hitch-related products? Everything Can-Am Offroad has got you covered! We offer a wide range of Can-Am Commander tow hitches, receiver hitches, and trailer hitches to cater to your needs, be it for work or leisure. We provide hitches in different sizes, along with hitch extenders, drop hitches, and hitch adapters. Our collection includes Can-Am Commander frame supports to help you complete any task efficiently. Whether you're looking for a hitch to haul heavy equipment or a trailer to move your outdoor recreational gear, Everything Can-Am Offroad has got the perfect hitch for you. Shop our extensive range of Can-Am Commander hitch products and accessories to get everything you need in one place!

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By design, UTVs are some of the most capable vehicles on the planet, yet most owners rarely tap into their full potential as utility machines. Typical recreationalists take their side-by-side to the local dunes or trail system a few times a year, haul a couple loads of game meat from the field back to base camp, then store it away in the garage or shed another few months before it sees the light of day again. Fortunately, Can-Am Commander owners are a different breed of recreationalist. They bought their Commanders not only for what they can do on the trail, but what they will do on the homestead. After all, Can-Am products always live up to the ‘U’ in UTV. In order to tap into your machine’s full potential, you’ll need to invest in an assortment of Can-Am Commander hitch and frame support accessories. Like Can-Am, Everything Can-Am Offroad doesn’t want to limit your capabilities. Instead, we want to provide you with all the best Can-Am Commander hitch accessories and frame support components to help you make the most of your UTV.

To get started, you’ll need to make sure you have a high-quality Can-Am Commander hitch receiver. Hitch receivers serve as the foundation for most towing and hauling tasks, so it’s worth the investment to make sure your hitch mount is built to last. ModQuad makes some of the best hitch mounts on the market. Their receivers are strong, durable, and corrosion-resistant. Best of all, their slim profile minimizes bulk and weight without sacrificing performance. The included hardware makes installation a cinch, and the standard dimensions will accept most typical Can-Am Commander hitch accessories.

Once your foundation for towing and hauling is established with a high-quality receiver, you’ll want to invest in some basic accessories. First, you’ll need to get a Can-Am Commander hitch ball and mount combo. Occasionally referred to as starter kits, a simple mount and ball combo will allow you to tow any number of different implements. If you already have a mount, then you can purchase a variety of different ball sizes to fit whatever you’re towing. Of course, no mount is secure without a proper Can-Am Commander hitch pin. Our clevis hitch pins come with handles and large retaining pins for easy operation in all temperatures and weather conditions. Lastly, it would be wise to get a Can-Am Commander hitch extension. Hitch extensions ensure you can tow all your favorite tools and outdoors equipment without jackknifing trailers, and they improve trailer maneuverability when reversing into tight spaces.

Owners hoping to significantly expand their capabilities beyond basic towing and hauling tasks can purchase any number of different Can-Am Commander hitch accessories that are as comfortable in the backwoods as they are on the ranch. One of the most overlooked accessories is a hitch step. Most hitch steps fit into the receiver like any other accessory, and they will quickly become a favorite feature for anyone who regularly steps up into the bed or needs to gain leverage on heavy objects above waist height. Another beneficial piece of equipment worth having is a Can-Am Commander hitch rack. A quality hitch rack will nearly double the amount of gear you can haul while also lowering the height of loads for easier access. There’s nothing more utilitarian than a good hitch rack. Hunting enthusiasts will appreciate the next couple items. The first is a utility or game lifter. Utility lifters quickly pay for themselves for hunters who process their own meat in the field as well as ranchers needing an extra set of hands at a comfortable working height. The second item is a gun mount. A sturdy Can-Am Commander hitch adapter outfitted with gun scabbards will allow you to make full use of the bed space without leaving your firearms exposed to the weather and trailside obstacles.

When it comes to hitches, you can find a wide variety for your Can-Am Commander, including receiver hitches, trailer hitches, upper hitches, hitches with ball mounts, a 3-way hitch adapter, and a hitch step. Or maybe you are looking for a multi-mount winch kit or rear roll cage support. Whatever it is that you require you can find the very best version of it right here. All of these UTV aftermarket accessories are the best in their respective fields. They perform beyond your expectations and they also last longer than you would expect given the hard work that they are capable of doing. Each and every hitch and hitch-accessory you find here is made from one of the brands that we at Everything Can-Am Offroad trust, using the best materials, set to industry specifications. Typical hitches are generally made from welded steel. But if you want to reduce weight without sacrificing strength, a bolt-on billet insert made from 7075 aluminum is hard to beat.

Do you want to haul big and heavy objects using your Can-Am Commander? Are you a big game hunter or lumberjack in need of a reliable workhorse? Whatever reason you have for towing, you can haul more and worry less with a Can-am Commander hitch and additional frame support, both of which you can find right here at Everything Can-Am Offroad. A UTV hitch accessory will change the way you go about daily tasks on your farm or even when it comes to going on that camping trip. If up to now you have been using your machine just for recreation, then you are only about to really begin to explore the full potential of your Can-Am Commander. Everything that you need when it comes to UTV hitches and hitch-related aftermarket accessories can be found right here — be it hitch receivers, front hitches, rear hitches, and bumpers with built-in hitches.

Not all UTV brands can be trusted to deliver on quality, performance, and durability, but companies like KFI Products, ATV TEK, Great Day, Extreme Metal Products, Quadboss and SuperATV have all earned the right to be known as the best in the industry and across the globe in all UTV circles. Your Side by Side will be made even stronger and given even more potential with the addition of Can-am Commander hitches, hitch mounts, and hitch supports from one of these amazing brands. Take your Can-Am Commander out on a new journey with a hitch or support accessory that you can find right here at Everything Can-Am Offroad.

Outside of the hitches, you will find Heavy Duty Tie Rod End Replacements by SuperATV, Heavy Duty Tie Rods by UTV Inc, 1000R 2” Reciever Hitch Mounts by Modquad, RacePace Flying V Bars by Dragonfire and more. One thing that all of these brands have in common is the quality of the parts that they make. They are all high quality UTV aftermarket parts creators and they stand at the top of the industry because of their commitment to delivering the highest quality parts for your Can-Am Commander. They are relentless in this commitment and that puts them in a league of their own. The next time that you need to tow, or hitch something to your Side by Side, do it with the aid of one of these components and you will not be disappointed by the performance that they offer. Choose to add only the best to your UTV and down the line, you will see that even as small an addition as a tie rod end replacement might seem, it goes a long way in the quality of performance that your machine doles out under pressure. You are sure to find the right frame support and the perfect hitches for both the Can-Am Commander and the Can-Am Commander MAX

Pulling, hauling, and towing are made easy when you have a heavy-duty hitch to get the job done. Hitches are one of the must-have accessories for any rider because they allow you the freedom to attach many different things to your rig. This is especially important for riders that use their UTV for work as they may have to haul other machinery and equipment. You can get a Receiver Hitch Step for your Can-Am Commander or 2-Way Trailer Hitch for your Can-Am Commander MAX. You can also get Heavy-Duty Tie Rods that sport an increased bearing size to provide additional strength. Furthermore, accessories like the Race Pace Flying V-Bar adds much need frame support, protection against intrusive objects into the interior of your rig and overall style. These items are available in various colors so that whichever one you choose, you’ll the adding “cool points” to your UTV. Get hitches and frame support for your side by side from Everything Can-Am Offroad.

A few simple Can-Am Commander hitch accessories can open up a whole new world for you and your machine. They’ll quickly change the way you use your UTV to hunt, camp, explore trails, and complete farm chores. Best of all, even the most expensive name-brand parts are affordable. Everything Can-Am Offroad understands the need for high-quality accessories, so we only carry the best products that are built with performance and durability in mind. Hitches are a must-have accessory because they increase your ability to be self-reliant. While you’re able to carry all your gear and tow your other equipment, other UTV owners will be left wondering why they didn’t invest in a simple hitch. No matter how you intend to use your machine, Everything Can-Am Offroad has all the Can-Am Commander hitch and frame support accessories you’ll need to get the job done!