Mobility Equipment Accessories

Everything Can-Am Offroad provides top-quality Can-Am Commander mobility equipment accessories that are both affordable and high-performing. Our wheelchair racks with ramps are specially designed for electric wheelchairs and power scooters, but they can also be used for other things such as gardening tools, wheelbarrows, and lawn mowers. Whether you need our products for utility or necessity, Everything Can-Am Offroad has got you covered. Our mobility equipment racks are of superior quality and come at fantastic prices that are hard to pass up. Shop with us so that you can find the perfect mobility equipment accessories that can help you overcome any mobility challenge.

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What to Look Out for When Buying Can-Am Commander Mobility Equipment Accessories?

Can-Am Commander Mobility Equipment Accessory Types


Starting with ramps, your choice should be informed by your specific loading requirements and any potential medical recommendations.

Whether it's a straightforward mechanical ramp or a sophisticated powered variant, the primary objective is to enable safe, effortless loading and unloading of mobility devices, taking into account your Can-Am Commander’s height and the terrain you’ll encounter.


When it comes to carriers, durability, and stability are and will always be very important, so make sure you are aware of that.

You must choose models that are robust and can be securely fastened to your Can-Am Commander. 

These carriers should accommodate the weight and dimensions of your mobility equipment like scooters and power chairs, ensuring stable transport.

Wheelchair Integration Accessories

For those requiring wheelchair integration accessories and ways how you can better ensure your wheelchair is properly fastened while driving, the Can-Am Commander offers opportunities for custom adaptations.

Delve into options such as adaptable seating and platform lifts, designed to make your ride comfortable and exhilarating at the same time.


Rack versatility is another aspect to ponder, especially if you always want to have all of your gear with you.

To make the most of it, opt for racks that efficiently organize and store different aids and equipment, like walkers or outdoor gear, without encroaching on your space or ease of access. 

Thoroughly assess your needs to find the most suitable rack solution. Thankfully you’ve come to the right place to do that!

Weight Capacity and Compatibility 

The weight capacity and compatibility of your chosen accessories with the Can-Am Commander are additional factors of great importance.

It’s imperative to select carriers, ramps, and racks that can bear the weight of your equipment, ideally with some extra capacity for enhanced safety.

Compatibility with the Commander’s load specifications is a must to prevent any operational hazards. Always inspect the owner’s manual and all of the available instructions that come with that.

Build Materials and Longevity

Material selection plays a significant role in the longevity and functionality of your accessories. 

Whether you choose corrosion-resistant aluminum for its lightness and strength or opt for the sturdy reliability of steel, the material should complement the accessory’s purpose and the overall performance of your Commander.1

Smart Features

Innovative smart features in mobility equipment can significantly uplift your experience and ease of living.

Look for functionalities that align with the adventurous essence of the Can-Am Commander, such as easy-to-store collapsible designs, long-lasting UV-resistant coatings, or enhanced visibility through integrated LED lighting. 

These innovations should cater to your usage patterns and preferences, and the environment you drive in.