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Oil Change/Fluids/Filters

Whether you need a complete Can-Am Commander oil change kit that contains engine oil, transmission oil, and an oil filter, or some fluid for your radiator to ensure that your machine's cooling system remains fully functional, we've got all kinds of oils, fluids, and filters for the Can-Am Commander here at Everything Can-Am Offroad! Servicing your side-by-side doesn't have to be difficult. And when you're doing your own maintenance, it's important to not only use the right oils, fluids, and filters, but also the right tools as well. The dipsticks on some Can-Am Commanders can be a bit finicky. And if yours is one of them, you can use a measuring cup that goes up to a full quart to ensure that the correct amount of oil or fluid is used. Gear oil pumps will also make changing the transmission oil in your side-by-side much easier and way less messy, and long-neck funnels are good to have for filling up the engine oil repository. With or without these tools, however, ensuring that your UTV is lubed up and properly oiled is crucial. To save a few bucks along the way, 5W-40 Rotella T6 oil is perfect for the Commander, with a weight and viscosity to make it purr like a kitten. And along with throttle control, adding fresh transmission oil -- especially after muddy rides -- can help you avoid future transmission issues.

For oil and fluids the meet or exceed the factory GL-5 specifications, Everything Can-Am Offroad is the place to shop. Some companies like Amsoil and Mobile 1 make both GL-4 and GL-5 oils, so if you're using one of their products, make sure to check the specs before putting anything into your Commander. Many riders also like to use the Amsoil-branded oils that come in bags rather than bottles, as they are much easier to pour into the Commander's small and sideways oil aperture. In addition to gearbox oil, transmission oil, and differential oil, we also offer brake fluid and radiator fluid here at Everything Can-Am Offroad. And to round things off while you're servicing your rig, you should also apply grease to the appropriate areas, check the brake pads, and use a clutch blower to clear the dust, crud, and debris off your machine's clutch.