Overlanding & Camping

At Everything Can-Am Offroad, you can enhance your off-road adventures with Can-Am Commander camping and overlanding accessories. From long holiday weekends to rough wilderness rides, we have the perfect gear for all terrain types. Whether you're hunting with your buddies or camping with your family, we have the right camping and overland riding accessories for you and your Commander. Our products ensure that you have a comfortable and optimized experience throughout your journey. Everything Can-Am Offroad has you covered, no matter what your needs are.

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When it comes to off-road camping and overlanding, few vehicles can match the versatility, functionality, and effectiveness of a Can-Am Commander. But with the right overlanding and camping accessories designed specifically for use on UTVs, you can make this multifaceted machine even better at camping and overlanding! And the best place to find all kinds of Can-Am Commander camping gear and overlanding equipment is at Everything Can-Am Offroad. We offer side-by-side camping accessories to make life more comfortable in the field, as well Can-Am Commander overlanding accessories to help you go further, ride safer, and achieve all of your off-road goals without breaking a sweat. So regardless of whether you’re planning an overnight trip or a multi-week ride, don’t embark on your next outdoor crusade without perusing the Can-Am Commander overlanding and camping accessories available at Everything Can-Am Offroad! 

Unless you plan on eating nothing but canned sardines, trail mix, potato chips and spam, chances are you’ll be toting a cooler on your extended rides in the great outdoors. That being said, however, the cooler a weekend warrior requires will be different than the cooler a week-long overland rider will require. For the former, an off-road cooler bag like the ones by Assault Industries, ATV TEK, or Greene Mountain Outdoors might suffice. These soft-sided coolers range in size, from a few quarts to a few dozen quarts, with features such as side pockets for utensils, carrying straps for easy handling, and clips / velcro roll cage straps for secure mounting. Some riders choose to stick sodas, beers, and other hard libations in soft-sided coolers, while others use them while fishing to keep their catches fresher than sushi-grade sashimi. Unlike soft coolers, hard Can-Am Commander coolers aren’t collapsable, which means they take up a bit of space. But with a Can-Am Commander cooler rack like the ones by UTV mountain, your 20Q cooler, 30Q cooler, or 45Q Can-Am Commander cooler will never become burdensome!

Some overland routes require riders to traverse stretches of highways and public dirt roads, which means that you might want to make your bike street legal before you gol. Other overland routes are a little tricky to navigate, which makes GPS units and backup cameras super helpful to have at the ready. The Swiss technology firm Garmin makes both backup cameras and GPS units for the Can-Am Commander, with products that are rugged, shock-resistant, and weatherproof. You can get a GPS by Garmin that integrates seamlessly with one of their reverse cameras, and you can even pair a Garmin GPS with a Group-Ride Radio to stay connected with the other vehicles in your crew. Be it to coordinate a plan of attack with your convoy or to shoot the breeze with your buddies in the backwoods, these GPS / communication systems are perfect for any overlanding / camping endeavor!

Depending on the size of your party, you might need a large on-ground tent when camping with your Can-Am Commander. But if you’re camping / overlanding by yourself or with your significant other, you’ve got a few good options at your disposal for both on-roof Can-Am Commander tents as well as pull-behind Can-Am Commander camper trailers. Regarding the latter, one of the best products out there is the Ghost M1 Tactical Off-Road Overlander Camper by Hi-Standard, and regarding the former, you’re sure to be happy with something like the Can-Am Maverick Top Tent / Roof Mount by Rough Country. These off-road UTV sleeping quarters are great alternatives to sleeping on the cold, hard ground. Not only will they keep you warm and dry, but these Can-Am Commander camping solutions will also keep the bugs out, prevent the wind from blowing you away, and provide you with a level sleeping surface so your head doesn’t fill with blood as you slumber! 

Aside from the aforementioned Can-Am Commander camper shells, camping supplies, and overlanding accessories, at Everything Can-Am Offroad, we also carry off-road camping tools like portable fire pits and fire pit kits that include tongs, roasting forks, and fire stokers. Sure you can cook s’mores and hotdogs with a sharpened stick, but with a two-pronged stainless steel roasting fork by Rough Country, you’ll get that perfectly-cooked dog or mallow the first time, every time! Don’t go camping or overlanding half assedly and unprepared and pick up the right accessories, gear, and products from Everything Can-Am Offroad now!