Pet Accesory

Everything Can-Am Offroad provides a wide range of pet accessories for Can-Am Commander owners. If you are a pet owner, you know how important it is to take your furry friend with you on your adventures. Can-Am Commander pet accessories ensure your pet's safety, comfort, and happiness during your off-road escapades. We offer a variety of accessories, including Can-Am Commander dog boxes, dog crates, and dog carriers. You can trust that our products will keep your pet secure and content while exploring the trails with you. Don't ever leave your tail-wagging companion behind again. Shop at Everything Can-Am Offroad today to get your hands on high-quality and dependable pet accessories for your Can-Am Commander.

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What to Look Out for When Buying Can-Am Commander Pet Accessories?

Safety and Security

Your UTV isn’t as safe to travel in compared to a car since it’s much more of an open-air experience.

Pets are much more than companions; they require secure and safe accessories. Opt for robustly constructed anchors, harnesses, or pet crates that ensure stability and prevent abrupt movements.

This is particularly important when navigating through challenging terrains in your Can-Am Commander as you want your pets to be as safe as they can be while out and about.

Comfort and Relaxation

Comfort is essential, not just for you but for your furry friend too. Choose accessories that cater to their well-being, like carriers or seat covers that are the right size and made from soft, breathable materials. 

Ensure adequate ventilation in enclosed spaces to keep your pet cool and comfortable, especially during summer months or longer journeys.

Going for Can-Am Commander pet accessories that let in a lot of natural light is indeed a very good thing as the goal here is to make them feel as airy as possible.

Durability and Weather Resistance

The durability and weather resistance of your pet accessories are also equally as important given the adventurous nature of the Can-Am Commander. 

Therefore, it’s best to look for materials that can endure diverse weather conditions and rough use – think water-resistant fabrics for seat covers and rust-proof metals for any hardware.

Ease of Maintenance

Whether it’s a ramp for easier access or a protective seat cover, these Can-Am Commander accessories should be straightforward to install, adjust, and most importantly, clean. 

Features like washability are a bonus, allowing for hassle-free maintenance after those muddy trails.

All of us who do own pets know that some of their accessories can sometimes get a little bit stale.

So having the ability to wash and clean these easily is going to be worthwhile, especially if these are resistant to the most aggressive cleaning products.

Size and Fitment

Lastly, consider the size and fitment of all of the pet accessories you go for. Don’t go too large as that can countereffect safety while too small can make your pets feel claustrophobic.

The Can-Am Commander has limited space, so it’s important to choose accessories like carriers or harnesses that fit your pet comfortably without taking up excessive room. For ramps or similar products, ensure they can bear your pet’s weight safely.