Portal Gear Lifts

Are you looking to increase the ground clearance and torque of your Can-Am Commander? Consider installing a portal gear lift from Everything Can-Am Offroad. Even if you are a trail rider or prairie roller, these lifts can benefit you regardless of whether you want 4 or 6 portals, and with or without a gear reduction. In places with tricky terrain, a big machine is often necessary to navigate through the tough parts of the trail. While a bracket lift is a decent option for some, increased ground clearance can come at the expense of comfort and reliability. This is where Can-Am Commander portal gear lifts come in. Unlike standard UTV lift kits, Can-Am Commander portals do not increase the angle of axles, meaning they are less likely to cause excessive axle heat or tip breakages. By using a portal gear lift, you can keep the factory geometry of your machine while still positioning it higher above the ground for a better ride. Check out the lift kits available at Everything Can-Am Offroad.

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