Power Steering Kits

If you’re experiencing Can-Am Commander power steering problems and require some Can-Am Commander power steering fluid, a Can-Am Commander power steering fuse, or a few Can-Am Commander power steering couplers, we can help with that. Alternatively, if you’re after a brand new Can-Am Commander power steering kit or a Can-Am Commander power steering upgrade, we can offer you assistance there as well!


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At Everything Can-Am Offroad, you can find a wide variety of UTV aftermarket accessories from leading brands. Two of those brands are SuperATV and Moose. When choosing the right power steering kit for your machine both offer amazing kits that will definitely improve the performance of your Can-Am Commander. With the 400W SuperATV power steering kit, you will be able to drastically reduce steering strain with their kit which features a sealed input and output shaft along with a unique injection molded control box. This control box guarantees that your kit is 100% watertight so that you can take on those challenging watercourses or marshes. As for Moose, their power steering kit requires no drilling to be able to complete the installation process and it also includes a waterproof housing. The housing that they offer has an IP67 submersion rating that has waterproof connectors.

These two brands are leaders in their own rights, having fought tooth and nail for every bit of respect that is attached to their names. And like their reputation, their Can-am Commander Power Steering Kits are nothing short of awesome. At Everything Can-Am Offroad, you are able to enjoy the comfort of knowing that when you choose a part from a brand that we carry, you have invested in one of the best, because we carry nothing less. Be it the Ezsteer power steering kit, a 220-watt Wicked Bilt Electra Steer, or one of the other great Can-Am Commander power steering units, make sure that the power steering kit you choose will work with your year and edition of Can-Am Commander. Many UTV owners with Can-Am 2016-2018 have been frustrated after they purchased a power steering kit that didn’t fit their Commander model. It might be the case that only factory power steering works in your year. Or it could be that a wide variety of power steering kits will fit your particular model. This is where knowledge is a good thing to have. And because we’ve been in the Side by Side game for decades, we know a thing or two about these types of machines.

Take the Can-Am Commander EZ-Steer Power Steering Kit by SuperATV for example, it takes the work out of workout and you just jet to experience the outdoors instead of yanking at a steering wheel all of the way. The kit comes with sealed input and output shafts so that if you choose to head across a waterway or to hose it down, you will not lose function. This particular kit eliminated bump steer, which leads to a much smoother ride and you know the road is already rough. Again, in particular, this kit is ranked as one of the best in the industry which is no surprise as SuperATV is one of the best brands in today’s UTV aftermarket parts industry. When you choose a power steering kit from us you are choosing a top of the line kit because all of the brands that we carry are known for the quality of parts that they deliver on. Choose the best so that once installed you can focus on the rest, like enjoying your ride without doing battle with your steering wheel for the entire way. These power steering kits are available for both the Can-Am Commander and the Can-Am Commander MAX.

For the toughest and most challenging trails, you need a power steering kit to make your life easier. They improve your handling and allow you to maneuver around any obstacle in your path with ease. Bump steers are a thing of the past as smooth and consistent rides are what you can now expect. You can reduce your effort while still benefitting from increased performance. You can get EZ-Steer Power Steering Kits for your Can-Am Commander and Can-Am Commander MAX. These easy-to-install options also boast a sealed input and output shaft and control box that ensures the protection of the circuit board, no matter the condition. Stiff steering wheels aren’t the way to go when you roll out. Upgrade to a high-quality power steering system that can guarantee simple and effective handling no matter where you drive. Get power steering kits for your side by side from Everything Can-Am Offroad.