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Prop Shafts

In the unfortunate event that you need to replace the prop shaft on your Can-Am Commander, you will be able to find a more than excellent replacement right here at Everything Can-Am Offroad. Your prop shaft, or your propeller or drive shaft as it is also known, is one of the strongest and most important parts on your Side by Side. Your prop shaft enables your UTV to have 4-wheel-drive functionality and it also transmits torque. Given the importance of the role that your prop shaft plays on your Side by Side is it often put through a large amount of torsion and stress while carrying out its job.


2 products

2 products

Bending or breaking your Prop shaft is a very difficult feat because your prop shaft is typically built using materials such as carbon steel or chromoly. Chromoly is an exceptionally strong steel alloy that is strengthened by a combination of chromium and molybdenum. However, understanding that the role that your prop shaft plays is crucial to the performance and functionality of your CanAm Commander, Everything Can-Am Offroad has some of the best brands at the ready to provide you with a replacement that meets the strict tolerance parameters that have to be achieved before the prop shaft is ready to be released into the world of UTV aftermarket accessories.

Should you need to replace your prop shaft on you Can-Am Commander, you will be able to turn to a brand such as SuperATV, who have long proven their commitment to providing UTVs with the best parts that money can buy. Smaller fabricators such as Wick-it Performance or Ronnie's Cycle Sales of Bennington also make Can-am Commander drive shafts. If you choose to get a mail-order drive shaft for your UTV, you may just want to install it yourself. To do this, start by removing the two main bolts, then move on to the 4-5 long bolts through the rear differential. Slide the shaft back and if you got both 13mm bolts out of the shafts then both should pull right out. If you can’t get the bolts out of the yokes -- and the yokes are still fine -- you can simply leave the old yokes in and put the new shaft and U-joints in on top of them. If you do want to replace the yokes, however, when installing the front prop shaft yoke onto the engine shaft, make sure that it butts up against the ring on the end of the through shaft.

It doesn’t matter what brand of Can-am Commander drive shaft you choose to go with, don’t let your Can-Am Commander stay down long. At Everything Can-Am Offroad you will be able to get a replacement prop shaft for your Side by Side that you can rest assured will serve you for years to come with no added headache. So order now and get back to doing what you love on your UTV!

The prop shaft on your UTV is one of the most important parts especially for riders that prefer more extreme off-road trails like rocky slopes and mud bogs. With a heavy-duty prop shaft addition, you can expect much superior performance as it can handle the stress of extreme riding and high horsepower rigs. These prop shafts are the ideal replacements for worn-down stock shafts that just can’t give you the top-quality execution that you desire. We supply Front and Rear Prop Shafts for your 2020 Can-Am Commander and your 2020 Can-Am Commander MAX that are powder coated black to ensure durability no matter how often you drive. With the right prop shaft, your machine will be able to tackle the toughest trails with no deficits. Of all the upgrades that you do to enhance the way you ride, installing a new prop shaft should be at the top of the list. Get prop shafts for your side by side from Everything Can-Am Offroad.

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