Rack and Pinions

If you're experiencing issues with your Can-Am Commander's rack and pinion system or need assistance with installation, Everything Can-Am Offroad is here to help. We offer a wide selection of rack and pinion parts, kits, and components, including the popular Can-Am Commander RackBoss steering rack and Can-Am Commander rack and pinion bushings. Our team is dedicated to providing you with the perfect solution to your rack and pinion problems. Don't let a faulty rack and pinion system slow you down on your next off-road adventure. Browse our selection today and get back to driving with confidence. Trust Everything Can-Am Offroad for all of your Can-Am Commander needs.

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We have done the research on the brands that we have chosen to carry here at Everything Can-Am Offroad and many of them may be names that you are familiar with due to their reputation in UTV industry, two such brands are SuperATV and Trail Armor.

These two brands have become synonymous with high-quality parts. They are also known for their consistency in delivering parts that feature the highest levels of innovation with one such part being SuperATV’s rack and pinion which features a 65% larger housing than stock and 15% larger rack gear, it is made out of 10.9 grade hardware and has an internal Teflon bushing that gives it a yet unmatched lifespan. The bolt-on design means little downtime while you make this upgrade to your machine.

Unlike the Rackboss by SuperATV, many riders regard the stock Can-am Commander Rack and Pinion to be total crap. Tightness is important when it comes to steering rack and pinion set-ups, so if there is any excessive play in the inner tie rods you’ll be able to feel it in the steering wheel. Further, many aftermarket rack and pinion replacements are made in China with little to no quality control. This is why UTV companies like Rackzilla have grown in popularity, despite having to overcome production problems and not making units for editions and up. You should also inform yourself about the use of steering stops, which can extend the life of your rack and pinion, but will extend the turning radius of your Side by Side, making it feel like you’re driving a school bus.

Trail Armor also make options of their own when it comes to rack and pinions and also offer a small rear basket storage rack as an additional UTV aftermarket accessory for your Can-Am Commander that may come in mighty handy on the trail. And unlike those made-in-China rack and pinions, the rack and pinions from Trail Armour won’t wear out your upper bushings prematurely. In some cases, your steering rack and pinions may just need to be recentered, while other times, you may need to replace or upgrade your rack and pinions.

No matter if you’re on the hunt for OEM rack and pinion replacements or looking to upgrade your Can-am Commander steering rack and pinions to a beefier and burlier unit, at Everything Can-Am Offroad, it is a priority of ours to have a wide variety of the best parts for your UTV and in particular for your Can-Am Commander. You will not have to.

Get a Steering Rack End by Lonestar Racing, Left and Right Rack and Pinion End Kits by Moose, choose a set of Heavy Duty Tie Rods and/or a Ring and Pinion Gear Set by Super ATV, or maybe you have been looking for a bed Side Black Cooler Rack by UTV Inc. Whatever you need when it comes to your Rack and Pinions, not only will you find that need covered, you find it covered by high end alternatives to your stock parts. These parts and their respective brands are top of the line because of their engineering and testing process. The parts that you see here are tested rigorously before they even reach to you so that the parts that you get are guaranteed to be at the best quality and of the highest standards. UTV aftermarket parts like these are held to the highest of standards as they are trusted by amateur and professional riders alike and have their work cut out for them. Choose a set of rack and pinions or any of the above that we listed for your Can-Am Commander or your Can-Am Commander MAX and know that this investment will give you returns that even you did not calculate.

Replacing your stock rack and pinions are always advised if you want to improve your steering system. Many options exist but the best rack and pinions are designed to combat the abuse your machine bears from gigantic tires while you ride the toughest and most treacherous terrains that cause major damage to your steering. Stronger and longer-lasting rack and pinions are advised if you desire increased power with uncracked housings. You can get a Rack Boss Heavy-Duty Rack and Pinion for your Can-Am Commander or a Ring and Pinion Gear Set for your Can-Am Commander MAX. These rack and pinions are available in standard and Z-bend options that are purposely designed to offer ultimate control for your lifted UTV. The rack and pinions we supply allow you to save money as you can avoid replacing your entire steering rack assembly. Get rack and pinions for your side by side from Everything Can-Am Offroad.