Everything Can-Am Offroad is the perfect destination for everything related to UTV ramps. We offer a wide range of products ranging from Can-Am Commander loading ramps to ramp blocks and threshold ramps. Whether you're searching for bi-fold, dual-runner, or extra-wide Can-Am Commander ramps, Everything Can-Am Offroad has got you covered. Our ramps are designed to support your heavy-duty aftermarket mud tires and take your UTV experience to the next level. With our high-quality UTV ramps, you can easily load and unload your Can-Am Commander with ease. Moreover, all our products are made with superior materials that guarantee durability and reliability. Choose Everything Can-Am Offroad and gear up for the ultimate UTV experience!

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Get ample clearance, unmatched traction, and a safe loading / unloading experience with the Can-Am Commander ramps and ramp kits from Everything Can-Am Offroad! Regardless if you use a 3-horse slant trailer to transport your rig, a single-axle side-by-side trailer, or an in-bed UTV deck, we’ve got an appropriate Can-Am Commander ramp for you. Additionally, if you’re in need of a curb ramp / threshold ramp to make it easier to enter / exit your garage or barn, or some ramp blocks to get your buggy off the ground so that you can access the undercarriage, we offer those here at Everything Can-Am Offroad as well! Whatever your UTV ramp needs may be, we’ve got you covered with a huge selection of Can-Am Commander ramps at Everything Can-Am Offroad!

There are several attributes that any good side-by-side ramp must possess. That being said, however, there is no one-size-fits-all Can-Am Commander ramp that will work for everyone. Riders with low trailers will want shorter ramps than those who use tall trailers, and individuals who haul their UTVs in the bed of a jacked-up pickup truck will require even longer ramps still! A 10-foot loading ramp should produce a gradual incline that makes riders feel safe when driving up and onto the bed of a truck, but a 10-foot loading ramp may be unnecessary for those with trailers that sit only a few feet above the ground. For the latter, anything between a 4-foot ramp and a 7-foot ramp will likely suffice. All else being equal, though, it’s better to err on the side of caution by getting Can-Am Commander ramps that are too long rather than too short! 

The length of your Can-Am Commander ramp is important, and so too is the width. But as far as thickness goes, beefy loading ramps aren’t necessarily strong loading ramps. You can have a bulky loading ramp made of wood that is capable of supporting a mere fraction of the weight that a steel loading ramp can handle. Steel ramps, however, are quite heavy, and take a good bit of effort to set up, take down, and move around. Hence, many aftermarket UTV ramp makers utilize aluminum and various aluminum alloys to construct their ramps. In this way, not only are their ramps unyieldingly solid, but they’re also light and portable. Add to this the ability to fold -- with bi-fold ramps and tri-fold ramps -- and you’ve got yourself a product that couldn’t be easier to use, pack up, store, and transport!

We can’t talk about Can-Am Commander ramps without touching on stability. After all, even ramps that are plenty long and virtually unbreakable will be of little use if they can’t stay put during use. To achieve a high level of sturdiness, the Can-Am Commander ramps we sell come with rubber tips on one end to grip the tailgate of your truck or the top platform of your trailer. On the other end of these ramps are clawed feet that stick into the ground, which makes it nearly impossible for the ramps to slide backwards. But just in case -- and when loading or unloading on pavement, asphalt, and concrete surfaces -- most of the Can-Am Commander ramp kits we sell also come with safety straps that lock the ramps in place. Individually, these safety features are great, but when you combine them, the resulting product is guaranteed to be solid, secure, and about as safe as they come!

One last thing that can’t be overlooked when discussing side-by-side loading ramps for the Can-Am Commander is traction. It’s vital that your ramps stay put during the loading and unloading process, but if your tires can’t grip the upper surface of the ramps, you’ll struggle to make the ascent -- especially when it’s wet and rainy outside. To improve traction, the ramps on offer at Everything Can-Am Offroad are designed either with slots / cutouts, rungs, or textured surfaces to give your tires something to grab onto. Be it a single Can-Am Commander ramp with mid-size perforations, or a set of dual-runner Can-Am Commander ramps with equidistant horizontal rungs like those of a ladder, you won’t have any problems driving your rig on a properly-designed ramp like the ones available at Everything Can-Am Offroad! So quit procrastinating and find the perfect ramp setup for your needs at Everything Can-Am Offroad now!