Snorkel Kits

If you're looking to protect your Can-Am Commander from dirt, dust, and water damage, consider a snorkel kit from Everything Can-Am Offroad. We offer Can-Am Commander 800 snorkel kits, Can-Am Commander 1000 snorkel kits, and more. Our high-quality snorkels are designed to keep your intakes and exhausts free from harmful elements, ensuring your vehicle runs smoothly and efficiently. Additionally, we provide detailed instructions, size charts, and parts lists to make installation easy and stress-free. Choose Everything Can-Am Offroad for all your Can-Am Commander snorkel kit needs.

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Snorkels allow your machine the ability to receive the necessary air via three tubes, your vent lines, CVT inlet and CVT outlet. Almost all of the snorkel kits that you can find on this site come prefabricated to stay upright without there being a need for additional ties, glue or mounts. They take little to no time to be installed and require no major modifications to your CanAm Commander. A few brands that you can depend on to deliver the highest quality snorkels are SYA — Snorkel Your ATV — and Warrior Riser, who specialize in designing and manufacturing snorkels, and High Lifter, another highly respected UTV aftermarket accessory brand.

Unlike OEM Can-am Commander snorkels, you can take a swim past the dash with these UTV snorkels without the need to install snorkel extensions. The Going Deep kit is another good snorkel. Many riders like the type of flex hose they use and the couplings they provide in the kit. What you need to watch out for with some UTV snorkel kits, though, is the flex hose. It can dry up and start to crack, and in some cases overheat and start to melt. This is why it’s important to use materials that have a high heat capacity, which all of the snorkels we carry do. Some snorkel kits install with glue, while others can be linked together without nearly much adhesive. Whether you’re looking for snorkel risers, snorkel tubing, or complete Can-am Commander snorkel kits, never fear the deep end with a proper snorkel kit installed in your machine.

At Everything Can-Am Offroad customer satisfaction is one of our priorities and in line with customer satisfaction is ensuring that we provide you with only the best brands in the UTV industry. Your Side by Side should not have subpar parts on it and you the proud owner of your Can-Am Commander should settle for nothing less than the best. Make your next adventure take you to places you have never been to before. Take your CanAm Commander across that riverbed, charge through the mud and do it with a snorkel from one of our trusted brands. Your machine was not built for safe trails and flat land only.

SYA Warrior Risers are the brand that specializes in snorkels for your UTV so that when you see them here you can rest assured that they have the best people innovating, engineering, designing and ensuring that every single snorkel kit is up to the task at hand. You will be blown away by the level of quality that you get in choosing one of these snorkel kits for your Can-Am Commander. They are the added level of freedom that you have been wanting to turn your machine into an amphibious creature. Take on terrain that you only glimpsed while driving by it wistfully and do not shy away from those marshes any longer. These UTV aftermarket snorkel kits are a game changer. They will add confidence to your riding and once installed on your Can-Am Commander or Can-Am Commander MAX, you will feel as though you are able to face off with many a watercourse, not all, but many! Choose from any of the options that you see here and know that you are adding a quality snorkel kit to your machine that will deliver on performance from the time that it is installed and for many years to come.

Driving through water requires certain things to truly be successful, a lifted machine, extreme tires, and a snorkel kit. Even if you don’t have the others, a snorkel kit is a great place to start. Water entering your UTV’s air intake is a definite way to spoil the fun by causing you to stall. Engine clogs can be even worse and land you hundreds, and even thousands of dollars in expense to repair or replace it. You can get Snorkel Kits with LED Snorkel Light options for your Can-Am Commander or 4 Seater Snorkel Kits for you Can-Am Commander MAX. The durable, high-quality and easy- to-install kits that we provide are guaranteed to uninhibitedly vent the areas of your UTV that require venting and supply clean, dry air to your engine to keep it running smoothly while you ride. Get snorkel kits for your side by side from Everything Can-Am Offroad.