Spare Tire Mounts

Everything Can-Am Offroad offers a comprehensive solution to avoid being stranded in the middle of a ride due to tire and wheel damage with Can-Am Commander spare tire mounts, racks, and holders. Although tire plugs, patches, and sealants are beneficial, carrying a spare tire, rim, and bracket can prevent the frustration of being without a functional UTV. The spare tire mounts and racks are built to last and are designed specifically to fit Can-Am Commander models. By investing in these essential spare parts, riders can enjoy their off-road adventures with confidence. Everything Can-Am Offroad has helped countless UTV owners stay on the road, and their products are a must-have for anyone who wants to prevent being stranded in the wilderness.

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Although using Can-Am Commander run-flat tires may seem like a good idea at first, run-flat tires for the Can-Am Commander are quite heavy, and they’ll add a lot of unsprung weight to your side-by-side. And while tire plugs, tire patches, and tire sealant products are great for minor tears, pricks, and punctures, products such as these can do very little when huge gashes or full-scale blowouts occur. So if you don’t want to be left stranded and powerless with only your own two feet as a means of transportation, a wise accessory to invest in is a Can-Am Commander spare tire mount. While it is true that there are disadvantages to hauling around a spare tire everywhere you go -- namely the added weight of a spare tire and rim as well as a loss of cargo space -- through the use of a Can-Am Commander spare tire rack, these drawbacks can be mitigated or downright eliminated. If you never venture far from home and need to keep your machine light and nimble, you may not have a significant need for a Can-Am Commander spare tire holder. But if you frequently go on long-range rides and extended overland expeditions, you’re taking a serious risk by not bringing along a Can-Am Commander spare tire and wheel!

To optimize both storage space and weight distribution, there are ways of mounting a spare tire and wheel onto your Can-Am Commander that don’t entail strapping them down in the trunk under your cooler and tool box. Hitch-mounted Can-Am Commander spare tire attachments are a great example of this. You can use your front or rear receiver hitch in conjunction with a spare tire mount to keep your line of sight open and your roof rack / cargo bed available to hold other gear and supplies. Many hitch-mounted spare tire carriers come with quick-detach pins so that you can quickly and easily pull the tire out and drop the tailgate when needed. And if you buy a hitch-mounted Can-Am Commander spare tire holder like the ones by Hornet Outdoors, you’ll get a product that’s guaranteed to not wobble, shake, or vibrate!

In addition to the hitch receiver, you can also utilize on-cage Can-Am Commander spare tire brackets that attach to the ROPS of your vehicle. The cage-mounted Can-Am Commander spare tire carriers by UTV Inc. are particularly handy options that clamp onto all 2” outside-diameter tubes on one end, and any rim with a 10mm 4/137 bolt pattern on the other. You can fix these types of Can-Am Commander spare tire carriers to your stock / aftermarket roll cage, or attach them to a cargo rack, a bumper tube, or even your bed rails! And if you want to protect your spare tire and rim from the elements, you can also throw on a Can-Am Commander spare tire cover!

For some riders, bed space isn’t a huge issue. So for them, in-bed spare tire mounts for the Can-Am Commander make perfect sense. Units like the Can-Am Commander bed mount spare tire carrier by Factory UTV bolt directly onto existing holes in the bed of the Commander. And because the Factory UTV spare tire carrier will hold your spare tire vertically to one side of the bed, your rearward views won’t be the least bit obstructed. By itself, this Can-Am Commander spare tire holder can throw off the balance of your UTV a bit. But with a tool box, cooler, or even some sand bags on the other side of the bed, you won’t notice the slightest difference during rides!

The last type of Can-Am Commander spare tire holder out there is an on-roof spare tire rack. One caveat to this option is that it raises the vehicle’s center of gravity, and can make things more tippy / top heavy -- especially if your Commander is already lifted. Roof-mounted spare tire racks for the Can-Am Commander can also get in the way when riding in dense forests or under low bridges / natural arches. But if you typically ride out in the great wide open with nothing but a big blue sky overhead, an on-roof Can-Am Commander spare tire carrier might be optimal for your situation. With so many possibilities out there, you won’t struggle in the least to find a spare tire holder when shopping at Everything Can-Am Offroad. Be it a Can-Am Commander XT spare tire mount or a Can-Am Commander 1000 spare tire rack, we’ve got options for any Commander edition as well as for both stock and aftermarket tires / wheels!