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Steering Wheels

The world of UTV aftermarket accessories is multifaceted and ever-evolving with designs meeting innovation and therefore reinvention on a daily basis so when it comes to your steering wheel you may have been looking to upgrade from your stock steering wheel with just a steering wheel cover, but as diverse as your Can-Am Commander is on its own, you can swap your stock steering wheel for a heated one for those cold days that lead up to winter and then for winter itself. You can find knobs that make the handling of your steering wheel even more efficient when you take your UTV out on the trail and you can even find steering wheels that will allow you to have control of your radios, lightbars and even turn signals at the touch of a button. Bet you were happy that the stock one had a horn huh?

You can find almost every UTV aftermarket accessory that you can imagine at Everything Can-Am Offroad and you would definitely be surprised by the quality of parts that you have access to if this is your first time here. Everything Can-Am Offroad only carries the best UTV brands so that every part that you add to your CanAm Commander is guaranteed to deliver performance that will exceed anything that you have experienced before on your Side by Side. Up your comfort level for the next time that you hit the trail with a steering wheel with all the features that you want from either MI, Dragonfire, SuperATV or High Lifter.

The Dragonfire steering wheel is particularly appealing, coming with a quick release hub and the option for various different bolt on adaptors to fit your Commander. But when it comes to Can-am Commander steering wheels, alignment is key. If your steering column is misaligned, you’ll feel like you’re positioned to turn, even when you’re going straight. In addition to aligning your steering wheel, you must also center it. The process is a bit of a pain, requiring a lot of adjusting and test driving, but it must be done. If you’re Can-am Commander steering is still off after aligning and centering it, other issues could be at play. Bent steering rack mounts are often the culprit, and a skipped tooth in the steering assembly can also cause steering issues. Furthermore, although rather simple and seemingly unimportant, tire pressure also affects your steering abilities. So if you don’t really need a new aftermarket Can-am Commander steering wheel but are experiencing steering issues, these are good places to check first and foremost.

Getting the most out of your Can-Am Commander has never been as easy as it is right now. Steer your way along your next adventure with a steering wheel that will last for years to come. Be it a suede UTV steering wheel, a D-shaped Can-am Commander steering wheel, or even a steering wheel from another vehicle such as an automobile, Everything Can-Am Offroad is here to ensure that you have access to the best brands so that you can choose the best fit for your CanAm Commander with the least amount of headache.

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