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Maverick X3

Street Legal

Commanding the trails in the Can-Am Commander is easy to do, but taking command of the road is a different story entirely. It's pretty easy to get a Can-Am Commander street legal in some states, and quite difficult, if not impossible, in others. For most states where it is possible to make a UTV street legal, things like license plate lights, turn signals, horns, and mirrors are standard accessories that are required under the law. Some locations might require DOT approved Can-Am Commander windshields, while other locations will let you pass with simple eye protection such as goggles or a helmet visor. For the states that make you run a DOT windshield, chances are they'll also require a windshield wiper. Further still, DOT approved tires are also commonly included as a prerequisite in many UTV street legal traffic codes. Whatever the rules are where you drive, though, we've got the street legal accessories for you and your Can-Am Commander.

Why walk when you can ride? You bought your Commander for a reason, and just because that reason was to tear up trails or do a little backcountry riding, this shouldn't limit you from using your rig for on-road applications. Especially during long multi-day rides, it's nice to be able to go from trail system to trail system and into town for food or gas. With the proper street legal accessories for your Can-Am Commander, you can! The Commander already comes with headlights and brake lights, and things like side mirrors are a snap to install. Even the more technically involved turn signal kits aren't that bad to install, and anyone with a few tools and some spare time could get them installed in a matter of hours. Some UTV turn signal kits even come with a fully integrated horn system, making it so that you can kill two birds with one stone. If it's possible to make your Commander street legal where you live, we've got the accessories to make it happen. So get em' on and meet that state patrol inspector with confidence knowing you've got everything it takes to legalize your Commander for the streets.

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1 - 36 of 146 products