Street Legal

Everything Can-Am Offroad is your one-stop-shop for all your Can-Am Commander accessory needs. We offer a wide range of products, from turn signals and mirror sets to horns and hazard lights, to make your Can-Am Commander street legal. Our complete kits make it effortless for you to comply with the rules of the road. Need street legal tires? We have them! Looking for a lighted license plate mount? We have those too! With our extensive selection of accessories, you can easily customize your Can-Am Commander and ensure you have everything you need to hit the road safely. Choose Everything Can-Am Offroad for all your Can-Am needs and ride with confidence.

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It may not be as exciting as a romp through rugged off-road terrain, but with a street legal Can-Am Commander or Commander MAX, you can add even more utility to your UTV. You never know when you might have to take to the streets, whether you find yourself in need of fuel, firewood, supplies, or even emergency help. This is why it’s always a good idea to have a street legal Can-Am Commander, and the same reason we’ve made sure to stock a supply of high-quality Can-Am Commander street legal kits. As always, we approached this collection from the perspective of fellow UTV enthusiasts, thoroughly vetting products to ensure you have the most practical, durable, and affordable street legal kits.

Requirements for achieving street legal status with your Can-Am Commander vary from state to state, so make sure you’ve confirmed what the regulations are in your area before you commit to a Can-Am Commander street legal kit. That said, most states (not all, mind you) require street legal UTVs to meet specifications in the following areas: lights, signals, horns, tires, and license plate illumination. Because you’re likely to find different requirements between a street legal Can-Am Commander in Minnesota and a street legal Can-Am Commander in Florida, we reiterate the importance of keeping up to date with your area’s requirements.

Now that we’ve got the legalese covered, onto the hardware. Whether you’re looking for an all-in-one Can-Am Commander or Commander MAX street legal kit or if you’re just missing one or two things, we’ve got all the horns, lights, tires, plate holders, and more that you need to get on the road without Johnny Law nipping at your heels. For example, this Can-Am Commander street legal kit from ATV TEK, a well-respected name in the aftermarket UTV accessories game, is an excellent option for the driver looking to do it all in one shot. Made for ease of installment as well as legal compliance, this kit comes with LED blinker lights and indicators, toggle switches, a horn (and its button), and much more. Better yet, everything comes with one set of instructions so you can get this conversion over with, appease the box checkers, and turn your side by side into a “vehicle about town,” as the saying (sort of) goes.

The best part about a Can-Am Commander or Commander Max street legal light kit is that you don’t have to spend all those hours piecing together products from multiple vendors while worrying about compatibility and/or fitment. Donning a “one-stop shop” mentality, we’ve ensured that you can be absolutely confident your purchase of an Everything Can-Am Offroad street legal kit will seamlessly integrate the components you’re looking for without all the hassle. And if you’re not exactly Mr. or Mrs. Handy when it comes to the electrical work or what have you, the super easy-to-follow instructions and our own support team are here to back you up. As long as you do your homework on the front end as far as getting your particular street legal requirements down, we’ve got plenty of super easy options for you to work with. And in the case of most of our kits and equipment, so long as you have Can-Am Commander or Commander Max, we aimed to keep just about everything at a “universal fit” standard. All this is to say, you can click in confidence and get this done without the headache.

Finally, we have a generous and still-growing selection of Can-Amn D.O.T. approved tires for you to select from in various sizes, tread patterns, and other features. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to settle for some boring, hum-drum tire just to appease the local brass. You can still find the functionality and quality you’re looking for at a very solid price, and with all the usual perks and amenities we offer our customers. For example, this Can-Am D.O.T Approved EFX MotoHammer Radial tire from EFX Performance Tires is an excellent option for anyone looking to retain the ruggedness of their UTV while qualifying for street legal status. These battle-ready 8-ply tires come in 14/15/16 inch sizes, sporting shoulder tooth lugs for serious traction on hard-pack surfaces. Whatever it is you need, a single piece or an entire Can-Am Commander street legal kit, we’re here for you.