Switches and Wiring

Everything Can-Am Offroad has the right stuff for those seeking Can-Am Commander switches, wiring harnesses, connectors, and fuses for the wiring behind the dash. While it may be relatively easy to find common Can-Am Commander switches such as light switches and winch switches, acquiring harder-to-find parts such as Can-Am Commander ignition switches, dps switches, and override switches can prove to be a challenge. Look no further than Everything Can-Am Offroad for all your Can-Am Commander needs.

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Some of the best aftermarket parts and accessories for the Can-Am Commander are electrical. Things like LED light bars, sound bars, horns, whip lights, and winches will need to be wired and connected to your Can-Am Commander’s primary battery or secondary battery. Some people are intimidated by the idea of installing and wiring their Can-Am Commander’s new aftermarket accessories themselves. Here at Everything Can-Am Offroad, we don’t think this fear should prevent you from upgrading your Can-Am Commander with aftermarket electrical accessories. This is why we have such a wide selection of UTV and side by side wiring hardware and wiring kits for the Can-Am Commander. These Can-Am Commander wiring kits make installing aftermarket parts and accessories easier than ever before and are supplied by top brands in the industry such as Rugged Radios, Race Sport Lighting, Allied UTV, XTC Power Products, KFI Products, and Denali.

We have a variety of different Can-Am Commander wiring kits that are designed for specific aftermarket accessories. Need to wire up a new radio or intercom system on your Can-Am Commander? Check out the Can-Am Commander Basic Radio & Intercom Install Harness with Rocker Switch by Rugged Radios. This wiring kit comes with everything you need to successfully install a new radio or intercom system on your Can-Am Commander including a 26” main cable and an 18” ignition cable. What about installing an aftermarket LED light bar onto your Can-Am Commander? The Can-Am Commander Complete Wire and Switch Harness with Light Bar LED Log Rocker Switch by Race Sport Lighting makes it simple and easy. This LED light bar wiring kit comes with the harness, wires, terminals, shielding, and rocker switch you need to easily hook up your Can-Am Commander’s new LED light bar to your primary battery or secondary battery.

Another cool electrical wiring accessory we have here for the Can-Am Commander are seat belt override adapters. Many off-road riders choose to make safety a priority by replacing their Can-Am Commander’s stock seat belts with aftermarket side by side racing harnesses. The Can-Am Commander has a seat belt alarm that goes off if you don’t buckle your seat belts, so when you replace your seat belts with racing harnesses, this alarm will go off. Seat belt override adapters allow you to prevent this alarm from going off and are a must if you’re going to go with racing harnesses. Check out the Can-Am Commander Seat Belt Override Adapter with Switch By XTC Power Products. This seat belt override adapter comes with a 3” harness with rocker switch and features an easy plug and play installation and fits all models and years of the Can-Am Commander.

Rocker switches are another important thing to think about when you are upgrading your Can-Am Commander with aftermarket parts and accessories. Rocker switches offer you convenient dash mounted control of your Can-Am Commander’s new electrical accessories without having to get up from your driver seat. In addition to UTV wiring kits and hardware, we also have a ton of great Can-Am Commander LED rocker switches here at Everything Can-Am Offroad. For example, take a look at the Can-Am Commander Universal LED Laser Etched Rocker Switches by DragonFire Racing. These rocker switches can be ordered with a laser etched and LED backlit design to match whatever accessory you are ordering it for. You will find light bar rocker switches, winch rocker switches, stereo rocker switches, sound bar rocker switches, whip light rocker switches, and auxiliary power rocker switches. You can choose between red and blue for these LED rocker switches.

Want to be able to charge phones, laptops, and other electrical devices on your Can-Am Commander? Consider ordering the Can-Am Commander LED USB Charge Panel Rocker Switch By Race Sport Lighting. This USB charge panel rocker switch comes in either white or blue and allows you to charge up to two devices. This rocker switch, along with all the other rocker switches we have here, is designed for off-road applications with a weather and water-resistant design. It also comes with a rubber gasket and a one-year manufacturer warranty. There is no better place to find UTV wiring kits, wiring harnesses, and LED rocker switches for the Can-Am Commander than right here at Everything Can-Am Offroad!