At Everything Can-Am Offroad, we offer an array of effective and user-friendly tie-down options for your Can-Am Commander. Whether you need additional tie-down points or trailering accessories like covers, wheel chocks, tire bonnets, and e-track systems, we've got you covered. Our retractable ratchet straps can hook to your flatbed trailer for ease of use, while our bungee-style cords and fasteners keep your cargo securely in place. With our selection of Can-Am Commander tie-downs and trailering products, you can transport your Commander and its contents with confidence. Browse our inventory today and find the solution that works best for your needs.

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If you’re unsure about how to strap down a Can-Am Commander, you’ve come to the right place! Or if you’re in need of Can-Am Commander tie-downs, trailer straps, and/or recovery gear, we can help you with all those as well! At Everything Kawasaki Offroad, we offer all kinds of products to secure both your UTV and its contents, ranging from Can-Am Commander cooler tie-down kits and ratcheting soft-tie straps to aftermarket Can-Am Commander tie-down points, recovery rope loops, and retention pulleys. So regardless of whether you use your side-by-side for hunting, camping, or off-road exploration, you can revamp your cargo setup, improve your trailering situation, and gain the ability to recover both yourself and others with the Can-Am Commander tie-downs, Can-Am Commander trailering accessories, and Can-Am Commander recovery tools from Everything Can-Am Offroad!

Unless your rig is strictly for farm use or the regulations where you live allow for on-road riding, you’ll likely be trailering your machine from one place to another. And although there are several ways to transport your bike using an SUV or pickup – from Can-Am Commanders on snowmobile trailers to Can-Am Commanders on 5x10 trailers – there are a couple rules of thumb that apply across the board. It doesn’t matter if you tow your Can-Am Commander sideways on a flatbed trailer, or backwards in an enclosed toy hauler, straps and tie-downs are necessary so that the vehicle doesn’t fall off. Some riders secure their side-by-sides with e-track systems and wheel bonnets, while others choose to use products like the Can-Am Straplock Tie-Down Anchor Kit by Kolpin Powersports. This “Lock-It-Rite” UTV trailer system will fasten your bike to your trailer in a sturdier and more robust way than straps ever could alone. It bolts to the surface of your trailer on one end, and secures to your machine via a 2” ball hitch on the other. And because it is lockable, vertically adjustable, and easily removable, it’ll prevent theft and function with lifted Commanders without interfering with the overall functionality of your trailer! Don’t risk catastrophic damage to your buggy and make sure it’s safe, snug, and secure during transit with the Can-Am Commander trailering covers, trailering straps, and other trailering accessories from Everything Can-Am Offroad! 

Once your UTV trailer setup is on point, you can direct your focus to on-trail accessories designed to improve your experience in the field. If you’re conducting overland operations, hunting trips, or work-related tasks with your side-by-side, chances are you’ll be toting a lot of gear, supplies, and tools. And to ensure that your belongings don’t fall off or jossel around, Can-Am Commander front tie-down points, Can-Am Commander bed tie-downs, and Can-Am Commander anchor points are indispensable. Products like the Can-Am Commander spare tire tie-down straps by Dragonfire Racing, the Can-Am Commander 1.5” 3-Point Ratchet Tie-Down straps by Speed Strap, and the Can-Am Commander Speedwrap Tie-Down kits by PRP all work wonders with the existing tie-down points on the Can-Am Commander. But if the factory anchor points are too sparse, skimpy, or otherwise unsuitable for your needs, options like the Can-Am Racing Tie-Down Anchors by DragonFire or the Straplock UTV Tie-Down Kits by ATV TEK are sure to be satisfactory. You can install aftermarket Can-Am Commander tie-downs / anchor points such as these pert near anywhere you want on the vehicle, which allows users to tether their belongings so that they don’t move about, bang against each other, or spill overboard!

After you know that your supplies, gear, and tools aren’t going to drop off and go missing as you trudge down the trail, you can pivot your attention to Can-Am Commander recovery accessories like tow straps, D-rings, and traction boards. The latter can be used when riding alone, but without a winch, you’ll need another vehicle to pull you out when things get tricky. Either way, through the use of products like soft shackles, snatch blocks, winch dampers, and tow ropes, you’ll make any Can-Am Commander recovery endeavor easy, safe, and efficient to the max!

Whether you’re dune riding or sloshing around in the mud, don’t begin any ride without the right Can-Am Commander recovery accessories. And before you set out, you should also make sure that both your UTV as well as the stuff inside it are secured properly with the right tie-downs and trailer-related accessories. From add-on Can-Am Commander Max tie-down points to Can-Am Commander windshield straps, roof straps, and tow straps, you can find it all and heaps more here at Everything Can-Am Offroad!