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Tie-Downs & Trailering

Whether you’re after on-bike tie-downs to secure coolers, tool chests, and cargo boxes to your Can-Am Commander, or UTV tie-downs to use when hauling your Can-Am Commander from place to place, get more for less when you buy your Can-Am Commander tie-downs and trailering accessories from Everything Can-Am Offroad. If you’re rich, not materialistic, or have great insurance, you might be willing to risk trailering your Can-Am Commander with the parking brake on and a single rope threaded through the front bumper. But if you’re like most people and prefer to play things more on the safe side, it doesn’t take much to properly secure a UTV onto the surface of a trailer. While some people prefer to use Can-Am Commander wheel straps that can reliably hold vehicles against trailers while hanging upside down, something as simple as four-corner tie-down systems can also work. Using ratchet strap kits that are designed and manufactured for those who participate in motorsports, the tie-downs we offer for the Can-Am Commander are as strong, reliable, and robust as they come!

Just like it is for trailering tie-downs for the Can-Am Commander, it is also important for your on-UTV tie-downs to be strong and sturdy as well. To keep both your vehicle and its contents clean at all times, we offer cargo covers and Can-Am Commander trailering covers! Never again chip a windshield while towing your side-by-side, quit suffering from slushy sand and road salts splattering onto your bike, and keep the interior of your rig’s cabin spotless for the ride ahead. The Can-Am Commander towing pads and towing covers we offer make for a nice cherry on top of the E-Track systems, wheel bonnets, and other trailering accessories of which your trailering setup can be comprised. Equip yourself with everything you need to move anything you want with the Can-Am Commander tie-downs and trailering gear from Everything Can-Am Offroad!