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Tire and Wheel Accessories

With tire and wheel accessories for the Can-Am Commander that include products like lug nut replacements, center caps, and flat tire fix kits, why would you shop anywhere else when everything one could ever need is right here at Everything Can-Am Offroad? We have tire-related Can-Am Commander accessories to use in the field, as well as tools and gear to tune your tires and wheels to spec before and after rides. Tire pressure meters, for instance, are essential for any causal or hardcore rider. You can use a PSI gauge to deflate your UTV tires if they’re overinflated, or use one to ensure that your tires are set to the right PSI for the type of riding you do. Put too much air in your tires and you’ll reduce traction and exacerbate wear. Put too little air in your tires, however, and they could fall off the rims — especially if you’re not running beadlock rims. In order to measure the PSI of your tires, you must first be able to put air into your tires. And for this, we sell both 12V air compressors and hand pumps for the Can-Am Commander. Never let the shoes on your side-by-side slow you down and get the appropriate Can-Am Commander tire and wheel accessories from Everything Can-Am Offroad today!

If you get yourself a pinhole on the trail or have a tire that is slowly leaking air, we have tire sealants for the Can-Am Commander like Fix-a-Flat, Slime, and Flat-out that will seal your tires up. Unlike other UTV tire sealants out there, the ones we offer won’t rust or pit your rims. Furthermore, our sealants also remain fluid without hardening over time. As a result, they won’t make dealing with your tire overly difficult the next time you need to patch a flat or change a tube. And while we’re on the subject of fixing flat tires, we can’t forget to mention our Can-Am Commander patch plugs. Regardless of whether you shredded the side wall of your front tire on a stump, or caught a railroad spike in your rear tire, we’ve got both internal patches and tire plug kits for the Can-Am Commander to keep you going. Get nothing less than the best when you buy your Can-Am Commander tire and wheel accessories from Everything Can-Am Offroad!