Tire and Wheel Accessories

For optimal performance and longevity of your side-by-side, it is essential to have critical Can-Am Commander tire and wheel accessories, even if you already have top-quality off-road tires and rims. At Everything Can-Am Offroad, we have a wide range of products to keep you prepared for any situation. In case of flat tires, we offer Can-Am Commander tire plugs, patch kits, and air compressors to get you back on the trail quickly. Additionally, we have Can-Am Commander lug nut replacements, pressure gauges, and tire irons to ensure proper torque and inflation. Being prepared with the right products is key to having a successful off-road adventure, and we have everything you need. Browse our selection of tire and wheel accessories and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with having reliable equipment on your side-by-side.

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A few wisely invested dollars can save you hundreds down the line when it comes to Can-Am Commander or Commander Max tire and wheel accessories, which is why we’ve set up this comprehensive suite of Can-Am Commander lugs, lug wrenches, wheel bearings, adapters, wheel bases, repair kits, and much more to completely cover all of your tire care needs. We UTV riders certainly aren’t the type to simply chuck a part and replace it at the first sign of trouble, which is basically a criminal offense if you already have a set of high-quality tires from Everything Can-Am Offroad. No, if it can be fixed for less (which it almost always can), then we’re here as your ally in economical UTV tire maintenance. Without further ado, let’s have a little tour of our selection, shall we?

Whether you’ve snapped, stripped, or straight up lost a lug nut (or four), we’ve got a veritable library of heavy-duty Can-Am Commander lugs to meet your needs. From the hardened steel of Agency Power’s Closed End Wheel Lug Nuts to the equally durable standard replacements from QuadBoss, there are plenty of opportunities to upgrade, stay the same, or even change the aesthetic of your Can-Am Commander with our broad selection of Commander lug nuts. Another highly affordable Can-Am Commander tire and wheel accessory that we don’t take lightly is the Can-Am Commander wheel bearing. These impeccably tough and well-engineered bearings will keep wobbly tires at bay while maximizing the smooth power transfer between wheel and axle so you can skate along smoothly (well, relatively smoothly for a UTV rider!). As usual, we provide a worthy host of offerings in the Can-Am Commander wheel bearings category, such as all-in-one wheel bearing kits from Moose, rebuild kits by SuperATV, adapters, Can-Am Commander wheel bearing greasers, and much more.

If you demand a lot out of your UTV, logic dictates you’ll be in need of a Can-Am Commander tire repair kit before long. In 2022 and beyond, there’s no reason for you to be individually piecing together premium-priced tools like a pilgrim. Everything Can-Am Offroad has absolutely everything you need to repair a tire in all-in-one, sensibly priced Can-Am Commander and Commander Max tire repair kits. For example, one of our most highly rated tire repair kits from Kolpin Powersports features 3 CO2 cartridges, an adapter tool, five 4” tire seals, a tire roughing tool, and a plug installation tool. Not bad for a total weight of one pound, eh? With this in your ride, you can bumble along in confidence knowing that you’ve got the capability to quickly and easily inflate and/or repair several tires when the inevitable - or at least highly likely - happens. And this is just one of several well-reviewed Can-Am Commander tire repair kits on offer; choose whichever best suits your particular needs and ditch the “flat anxiety” for good!

Whether you’re suffering a slow leak or a less subtle pressure loss, a well-formulated Can-Am Commander tire sealant will at least let you regain enough mobility to make it back to base and figure out your next move. As long as you’re not using sealant as a permanent fix for punctures or leaks, they can save you plenty of frustrating days on the trail. To make sure you’ve got a strong and secure hold exactly when and where you need it, we keep the bar high on our Can-Am Commander tire sealant category as usual, offering the best products from Quadboss and Glue Tread. Most importantly, we’re proud to feature environmentally benign products that are water washable, yet more than strong enough to get the job done. If you’ve got a puncture larger than a half inch in the tread or a quarter inch in the sidewall, it’s time to take other measures, but one of our Can-Am Commander tire sealants will handle everything up to that threshold.

Still stuck in the stone age of pressure gauges, are we? We at Everything Can-Am Offroad would be honored to usher you into a bright new future of Can-Am Commander pressure gauges that come absolutely stacked with upgrades that dwarf the capabilities of those cheap gauges everyone gets for their first car. No, our Can-Am Internal Bluetooth Tire Pressure Monitoring System from Allied Powersports is worlds beyond that, offering live readouts on multiple key metrics related to tire condition. Here’s how it works: the low-energy bluetooth sensors monitor and report tire parameters to the free mobile app in real time, allowing you instant access to pressure readouts at all times. You can even activate the USB Audio Alert Module, which will actually warn you when the tire pressure goes outside of the norms through your sound system. Simply put, if you have a Can-Am Commander or Commander Max, and if that vehicle has tires, we’ve got your back with an amazing selection of Can-Am Commander tire and wheel accessories.