Everything Can-Am Offroad is your go-to destination for Can-Am Commander tracks. Get the best Can-Am Commander 1000 tracks, Can-Am Commander 800 tracks, or Can-Am Commander MAX tracks here. Explore a diverse range of Can-Am Commander snow tracks and Can-Am Commander tracks for mud/gravel. They also offer Can-Am Commander track kits that include Can-Am Commander track modules to adjust the vehicle's ECU for enhanced track performance. You don't need to look further as Everything Can-Am Offroad caters to all your Can-Am Commander track needs. Trust the experts and opt for quality tracks that will take your Can-Am Commander to the next level.

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You don’t have to hang up the towel when winter rolls around, because with some Can-Am Commander tracks installed on your side-by-side, you can continue riding come rain, sleet, or snow! Some UTV owners are in the market for a Can-Am Commander 1000 with tracks to use year-round, while others are more interested in procuring Can-Am Commander track kits that can be installed in the fall, then removed when the weather warms up. But regardless of whether you’re after an aftermarket belt option that can handle the snow tracks you just installed on your Can-Am Commander 800, or a set of Apache LT 360 tracks so that you can access your shed-hunting honeyhole before the snow melts, chances are extremely high that you’ll find exactly what you seek when shopping at Everything Can-Am Offroad!

Aside from the standard BRP snow tracks for the Can-Am Commander, track systems by companies like Camoplast, Camso, Tatou, and Kimpex are also sturdy and reliable options to choose. Some of the aforementioned Can-Am Commander track kits also come with a module that attaches to the vehicle’s ECU to both correct the speedometer as well as make adjustments to the electronic power steering unit. Keep in mind that you should generally put your rig in low gear when you have snow tracks installed, and if you can, you should also run the throttle like an on-off switch. In some instances, however, you might find yourself on tight trails needing to take off quickly without spinning the tracks and digging down deeper into the snow. And in such cases, putting the pedal to the metal could be your best solution. But regardless of the areas where you ride and no matter the Can-Am Commander tracks you decide to go with, you’ll likely have to make other changes to your machine so that it can handle the extra mass of your newly-installed Can-Am Commander snow tracks.

Things like gear reduction kits will help a ton by providing additional torque when aftermarket Can-Am Commander track systems are installed. And if you want to save on belts, using a Can-Am Maverick belt in your Can-Am Commander with tracks will ensure that it doesn’t burn up after every other ride. Clutching can also be an issue with Can-Am Commander snow tracks installed. Just like with heavy aftermarket tires, Can-Am Commander snow tracks weigh significantly more than the tires and rims that come stock on factory Can-Am Commanders. As such, you’ll likely want to pick up a clutch kit, install a new primary and secondary clutch, or throw on some different clutch springs and clutch weights. STM primary and secondary clutches are a good choice, but you can also put in a CVTech clutch for better performance with tracks installed. There are multiple spring / weight combinations you can run with a CVTech clutch, from nitrous-class race configurations to lite springs that will engage at a little over 1,200 rpm -- which is perfect for the technical stuff! The QSC Rev-X clutch is also great with tracks, and if you do the 100% lock-up mod with a soft-engagement clutch spring, you’ll be good to go on anything from hard pack to slush!

In addition to aftermarket clutching, you might also want to add a belt temp gauge to make sure that your belt doesn’t overheat. Furthermore, try to also keep your belt breather screen clean and ensure that you don’t over-tighten your tracks during the install process -- they should slip and pop occasionally, which is perfectly normal. Snorkeling your Can-Am Commander with tracks is also a smart thing to do. Some riders install the same Can-Am Commander snorkels that mud riders and puddle jumpers use, while others simply extend the CVT and air intakes so that they pull-in air from a higher position. You don’t have to ride easy with Can-Am Commander tracks installed, but you should still ride with brains. And this means making a few adjustments to your rig before heading out in the snow.

No matter if you’re looking for Can-Am Commander tracks for sale or needing assistance with your Can-Am Commander track kit install, we’ll lend a hand wherever it’s needed here at Everything Can-Am Offroad. Depending on the tracks you choose and the suspension system you’re running, the new height and width of your UTV after installing snow tracks may vary. So make sure to take the new dimensions of your tracked-out Commander into consideration -- especially if you have a low-ceiling garage or use an enclosed toy hauler!

Tracks have way more surface area than those monster tires you have on now and feature protruding paddles for grip as well as independent forward and backward control. This superbly functional upgrade for your Can-Am Commander is a UTV enthusiast’s dream. They do not require permanent modification to your Side by Side so you can swap between your tires and tracks at your leisure. These tracks can get through almost anything and are super useful if you need to haul heavy loads or to pull a friend who isn’t as fortunate as you to have tracks, out of a mud hole they have gotten stuck in.

The key to the functionality of these tracks lies in the solid steel frame. This frame features a lightweight design that is still tougher than the toughest nails. The design of the tracks makes it easy to clean out debris, mud, snow or anything that gets stuck in it while out on your adventure. A major plus that trumps almost all tire options available, is that the tracks are puncture proof. Camoplast is the awesome brand behind these tracks and we proudly present them to you to add to your Can-Am Commander post haste. Up the ante on your next adventure in your Side by Side by adding these tracks.

Tires? Pfft! Throw some tracks on your Can-Am Commander and head out to explore! The upsides to trading up your tires for tracks in the snow, swamps, muddy fields and hazardous trails will have you never wanting to switch back to tires. The upsides to adding tracks to your Side by Side are ridiculously amazing! Experience what true traction is with a set of tracks for your Can-Am Commander. Conquer courses that you would have hesitated to try out with even the most rugged of tires.

When it comes to Can-am Commander tracks, there are two big names in the game: Apache and Camoplast (Camso). We’ve witnessed the Apache 360 tracks in action firsthand and can honestly say they are extreme to the core. If you groom trails, plow snow, or do any deep snow riding, UTV tracks are where it’s at. Many UTV riders like Camso tracks because they can go on any UTV with the included mount kit. But if you’re sticking with BRP for life, than you may not need this functionality. A friend of the site came to us with his commander 800 XT needing help to install tracks off of his brother’s XTP 1000. We hooked him up with a module for the tracks and some plug adapters and he was off to the races in no time. Some riders also find that their belt overheats with tracks on their Can-am Commander. But installing a temp sensor in the belt case and monitoring the heat can help avoid this. No matter how deep you’re looking to go, through snow drifts or simply dust on crust, we’ve got all the best tracks for the Can-am Commander right here at Everything Can-Am Offroad.

One word. Traction. You will find no comparison when it comes to giving your machine traction as it has never had before. Whether you are using these tracks in winter, mud, marshes or to climb hillsides, you will be blown away by the traction that they give to your UTV. Some people only use their track for winter and then swap them for their tires but this is not mandatory. Another great thing about these tracks that you are considering adding to your Can-Am Commander is that they automatically knock debris out as your ride along, making them self-cleaning and ensuring that you do not have to do battle with broken branches twigs and other debris that it picks up as you make your way along the trail. The tracks are super strong and are virtually indestructible making them a serious asset to your machine. If all of that hasn’t sold you then the fact that the tracks you find here are made by brands that are rated as some of the best in the UTV aftermarket industry should further reassure you of your pending choice. Enjoy a new kind of ride in your Can-Am Commander or Can-Am Commander MAX.

Tracks on a UTV are a thing of genius as they greatly improve traction on any surface. Snow, sand, sleet, mud and even rocks can be easily maneuvered when you have heavy-duty tracks. They add stability and with new easy-to-use options, there’s no need for greasing. They can also absorb shock for a smoother ride. For riders that own snowplows, adding tracks to your machine can transform it from a regular UTV to the ultimate snowmobile. You can get high-quality tracks for your Can-Am Commander or your Can-Am Commander MAX. Our easy-to-install options are lightweight and feature a solid steel frame, anti-rotation, puncture-proof tires, and a tandem stabilizer. They are built to last and can connect and disconnect quickly so you can switch up your look. They elevate the appearance of any machine in just minutes, to a badass monster. Get tracks for your side by side from Everything Can-Am Offroad.