Wheel Spacers & Adapters

Everything Can-Am Offroad is your go-to place for all your Can-Am Commander wheel-spacing needs. Installing a set of Can-Am Commander 2 inch wheel spacers or 1 inch wheel spacers will provide both stability and horizontal clearance for your side-by-side. We offer both front and rear wheel spacers to make tracking wider, as well as wheel and rim adapters for running rims with non-conforming bolt patterns. With our products, you can have complete control over the functionality of your Can-Am Commander. Visit us now and make the most out of your off-roading experience!

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A major reason for investing in a set of adapters for your Can-Am Commander is to fit a set of rims with stud sizes that do not match precisely to your UTV. Don’t miss out on the wheels that own your heart because of a small thing like them not matching your machine. Find compromise in the form of these adapters which are engineered to handle the jarring and rough life that they will have to endure as they handle the push and pull that comes with expanding the capabilities of your machine beyond their stock capacities.

Some UTV riders have asked us if they would have any trouble with the ball joints or other parts when going with 2” or wider Can-am wheel spacers. We’ve heard of wheel bearings being under more stress due to wheel spacers, but there are many factors that can affect the wheel bearings, so it’s hard to determine the exact cause and effect relationship in situations such as these. Can-am Commander widening kits are available, which upgrade your a-arms to a longer set. Lifted Can-am Commanders often run wheel spacers. In fact, you’d be hard pressed to find a lifted Can-am Commander without them. This is because the added height changes the machine’s center of gravity. By adding Can-Am Commander wheel spacers, you lower the center of gravity and make it less likely that the UTV will tip over.

Adding spacers and adapters also gives your CanAm Commander better stability on corners, and they set your wheels more forward and outward so that there is more room for your a-arms or other upgrades that you may have made to your suspension to function at their full potential. SuperATV has really outdone themselves when it comes to the quality of workmanship on these spacers and adapters and Everything Can-Am Offroad is proud to carry their aftermarket accessories. SuperATV has stood at the forefront of the UTV industry for many years, constantly innovating, reinventing and redesigning, staying ahead of the curve and keeping up with the developments of the Can-Am Commander brand. These are all parts of the reason why they are a brand that you can trust. Their 1″ wheel spacers/adapters allows you to put Honda wheel patterns on a Can-am. But if you’re looking for a set of 1.5-2” adapter/spacers that convert the bolt pattern to an automotive pattern — such as 4×100 — you might have to go the custom route. For most types of bolt patterns and lug nug styles, we’ll have you covered. Because at Everything Can-Am Offroad, we take pride in offering everything related to the Can-am Commander.

There is simply no way that you are gonna get those monster tires to line up on your UTV properly without wheel spacers and adapters. When it comes down to it these details also give your Can-Am Commander a  little more ground clearance to play with which is awesome if you do not have a lift kit. As far as UTV aftermarket parts go, you’re going to want parts that are either as good as their factory counterparts or that streak past them in the quality and performance department. The wheel spacers and adapters that we carry are superior in strength to many in today’s market. When you add a set to your Can-Am Commander or Can-Am Commander MAX, you are choosing to add another strong part to your already beast of a machine. These wheel spacers and adapters are engineered by some of the best and they confidently stand by their quality and have done so for years now. Choosing to trust in one of these brands for a part as crucial as a wheel spacer or adapter is a choice that you can make without worrying. Add a set of wheel spacers and adapters and enjoy those big badass tires and wheels you have had your eyes on.

Wheel spacers can help to create the wide, menacing stance that you desire and also provide added stability to your machine. Their heavy-duty design and varying sizes help to improve the performance of your tires by decreasing the rubbing you get from your giant tires. They are also useful for creating alternative bolt patterns so that your options are open to the wheels that you can add to your UTV. You can get Two Inch Machined Billet Aluminum Wheel Spacers for your Can-Am Commander or Front and Rear Wheel Bearings for your Can-Am Commander MAX. These wheel spacers were specially created to last through flexing, twisting, torque and monster tires without compromising on performance. Their easy-to-install design means that you can get back on the road in no time flat and not miss a thing. You can get wheel spacers and adjusters for your side by side from Everything Can-Am Offroad.