Whip Lights & Flags

Looking for a way to add some style to your Can-Am Commander while also increasing its safety? Look no further than Everything Can-Am Offroad! We have a wide selection of Can-Am Commander whip lights and flags, as well as mounts to hold them. No matter what your aesthetic preferences are, we're sure to have a whip light or flag that suits your style. With our selection, you can feel confident knowing that you're adding an extra layer of safety to your rig while also making it look great. So why wait? Browse our selection of Can-Am Commander whips and mounts today and get ready to hit the trails in style!

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There are many guidelines UTV enthusiasts should follow in order to maintain a high level of safety while on the trail. However, there are other rules that come into play when considering rider safety in the dunes. Generally speaking, trails are designed with the intent for all machines to go in one particular direction. However, dunes are more of a free-for-all environment in which side-by-sides are free to rip and roam wherever they please. First and foremost, recreationalists need to be seen. It’s not enough to have a loud exhaust note when all the other machines also have deafening roars. In order to ensure you and your passengers are safe while riding in unrestricted landscapes, it is important to make sure your machine remains visible to other recreationalists. Fortunately, there are a couple cost-efficient solutions that also allow owners to add a touch of personalization to their UTV. Installing a set of Can-Am Commander whip lights and flags are a great way to increase your visibility to other riders and customize your styling at an affordable price. Everything Can-Am Offroad carries an extensive assortment of Can-Am Commander flags and whip lights to help you be safe and customize your UTV without breaking the bank.

First, you’ll need to decide which type of Can-Am Commander whip mounts and flag mounts you want to install. We offer universal mounts as well as model-specific mounts to ensure you get exactly what you need. Many owners appreciate mounts that offer on-the-fly angle adjustments. This feature allows you to use the mount in more places around your machine without sacrificing the ability to maintain a high level of visibility. One thing worth considering before deciding which Can-Am Commander whip mounts you want is how you plan to use your machine. Owners who exclusively use their side-by-sides for recreational purposes are free to install mounts wherever they like. However, UTVs that are also tasked with maintaining a partially utilitarian role might be better served with mounts that are designed to be incorporated into the roll cage or harness bar. Using one of these types of Can-Am Commander flag mounts will preserve your dump bed functionality and reduce glare on your windshield. Fortunately, we have mounts to suit all purposes and environments.

Once you’ve decided which mounts you want, you’ll be able to narrow down which Can-Am Commander whip lights you want to install. Our LED whip lights come with both single- and multi-color functionality, so you can express yourself however you like when the sun goes down. Can-Am Commander whip lights are durable and weather resistant, so you’ll be able to enjoy them ride after ride, season after season. One of the most recent additions to the world of whip lights is the addition of Bluetooth technology. Bluetooth functionality allows users to conveniently control colors, flash rates, and much more from their smart device without having to leave the cockpit. Of course, there’s no reason to leave your Can-Am Commander whip lights on during day use, so we also offer rocker switches that allow drivers to quickly and easily control their accessory lights with the simple flip of a switch.

Finally, you’ll likely want to install a set of Can-Am Commander flags. Flags are a tried-and-true solution for increasing visibility to other drivers, and they can be had for affordable prices with tons of options for personalization. Whip lights are great for nighttime visibility, but flags are the go-to option for daytime recreation activities. Our Can-Am Commander flags come in an assortment of lengths, colors, shapes, and patterns. Of course, you can always add your own unique flags to a standard whip for the ultimate level of customization. Most dune recreation areas require the use of flags, so you might as well invest in a set of Can-Am Commander flags that show off your favorite team, university, or other passion. We carry all the accessories you’ll need to mount and fly your safety flags with pride and the perfect touch of personalization.

Everybody can own Can-Am Commander or Can-Am Commander MAX, but not everybody can dress it up the way you can! We strive to offer you the best upgrades to make your UTV look its best every time you go riding. These UTV whip lights are durable and weather resistant. You can enjoy them for ride after ride, regardless of the weather conditions.

The absolute necessity for your Can-Am Commander to be dune worthy is a set of whip lights and flags. It may seem like a small thing that prevents you from exploring the dunes but it is a safety measure as much as it is a really cool looking add-on. One of the whip lights that we offer is the Bluetooth Infinity Camp Locator by Pyramid Whips. This particular light has a Bluetooth function that allows you to control it from your smartphone so that you can adjust the colors and the way that they flash. There are 200 Motion functions and infinite solid colors. Then there are the Buggy Whips by TMW Offroad and the roll bar clamps from Pyramid Whips so that mounting your whip lights is a breeze. Whip lights and flags help fellow riders to be able to see you on the other side of the dune so that they don’t come flying over the peak only to land on your Can-Am Commander resulting in a horrific accident. These options are UTV aftermarket accessories that you can rely on for your machine. They are outstanding and are brought to you by highly respected brands. Choose a set for your Can-Am Commander or your Can-Am Commander MAX.

Want to make a statement with your Can-Am Commander or Can-Am Commander MAX? You need to hook yourself up with a set of badass UTV whip lights or UTV flags to your machine! These bad boys will let everyone know you’re coming, and furthermore, they will add a whole new look and feel to your UTV. Not only that, but they also provide an element of safety to your machine, so even when your Commander is hidden behind dense brush and bushes, riders still know that there is a machine back there and won’t come riding in full force. Be it whip lights, whip light mounts, flag mounts, or even flags themselves, we’ve got everything you need here at Everything Can-Am Offroad!

Order your LED whip today so you can fly your colors tomorrow. Attach them to your roll cage or your harness bar with one of our many whip light mounts to preserve your dump bed functionality and avoid having your lights shining on your windshield. Unbolt the front tie downs and use our mounts that bolt in their place to hold your Can-Am Commander whips, then run the wires down your rig’s frame to the hinge and back up outside of the box to the front panel and through the bed. Wherever you want your whip lights or flag, we’ve got the mount for you. Mount some matching rock lights under your fender flares and you’ll be lit up like Cheech & Chong. Make yourself more visible on the back side of a rise on the trail with some whip lights on the side of your Can-Am Commander and a safety flag on the top. Not only are they a safety measure, but they’re neat and customizable, allowing you to express yourself and show the world who you are!

When it comes to UTV safety in high-traffic areas, whip lights and flags are the ideal option for ensuring you remain visible to other drivers. Can-Am Commander flags and whip lights are affordable and provide a fun outlet for adding a bit of personalization to your machine. You need to make sure you are seen at all times, so you might as well make sure what other drivers are seeing is representative of your machine’s styling and your personal taste. Everything Can-Am Offroad carries all the mounts and accessories you need to customize your machine’s whip light and flags before showing off your UTV on your next ride. Your side-by-side is a top performer, so it might as well look the part with a custom set of Can-Am Commander whip lights and flags. Let us help you outfit your machine today!