Hand Controls

Everything Can-Am Offroad offers Can-Am Commander hand controls to make UTV rides safer and more comfortable for those who need them. Gas pedal hand controls, brake pedal hand controls, and complete hand control kits are available to help guide your side-by-side. For users who have difficulty gripping the steering wheel, there are Can-Am Commander palm grips, spinner knobs, and amputee rings. Gas pedal guards are also available for those who worry about accidentally stepping on the accelerator. With the right Can-Am Commander hand control accessories, anyone can enjoy the great outdoors just as much as the next person. Everything Can-Am Offroad has a range of options to cater to your specific needs and make your UTV ride more enjoyable.

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What to Look Out for When Buying Can-Am Commander Hand Controls?

Types of Hand Control Grips for Can-Am Commander

Understanding the different grip types available for the Can-Am Commander is crucial for an optimal driving experience, so be sure to consider these!

Palm Grips

Palm grips provide a broad area for hand contact, ensuring comfort and reducing fatigue on extended rides and while cruising. 

They distribute pressure evenly across the palm, thus minimizing hand strain while somewhat limiting finger movement.

Triple-Pin Grips

Designed with three pins for superior traction, these ensure better control and allow for precise handling, which is especially useful for rugged terrains and off-road trails in your Can-Am Commander.

However, they might be less comfortable on longer journeys due to their firm grip and the fact that you always have to manage three pins.

Single-Pin Grips

If three pins are too much, a single pin might be more up your alley. Featuring a central pin, these grips strike a balance between comfort and control. 

They provide good throttle response with moderate traction, suitable for varied riding conditions.


For some, V-Grips are the best, for others, V-Grips are the worst. If you want to find out whether these will suit your Can-Am Commander, you should try it out first as these sure do are quite a bit different from the rest.

Ergonomics and Safety in Hand Controls

Laws of ergonomics play a vital role in the design of hand controls for the Can-Am Commander. 

Therefore, you ought to look for controls that align with the natural movement of your hands and fingers and how you like to drive.

Controls with ergonomic shapes, adjustable angles, and comfortable grip materials are essential for minimizing fatigue during long rides.

Safety is paramount. Choose hand controls with anti-slip surfaces, spinner knobs, and features like parking brake extensions or gas pedal guards. 

Controls should also incorporate safety mechanisms like locking systems or quick-release options for emergencies.

Construction and Durability of Hand Controls

The construction materials of hand controls are central to their durability, particularly for the off-road demands of a Can-Am Commander owner.

Go for controls made from materials like reinforced plastics, stainless steel, and aluminum for their impact resistance and corrosion resistance.

Ensure the controls are built to withstand rough terrains and exposure to elements. Look for features like weatherproof seals or coatings that protect against moisture, dirt, and debris.

Selecting the perfect controls for your Can-Am Commander involves balancing comfort, control, safety, and durability to enhance your off-road adventures.