A-Arms and A-Arm Guards

Everything Can-Am Offroad offers a wide range of a-arm and a-arm guard products for your Can-Am Defender. From replacement a-arms to a-arm lifts, a-arm guards, and a-arm bushings, we have everything you need to upgrade or protect your vehicle. Our collection includes Can-Am Defender front a-arms, Can-Am Defender rear a-arms, and high-clearance Can-Am Defender arched a-arms. We also offer a variety of Can-Am Defender a-arm protectors made from aluminum and UHMW polyethylene to provide durability and longevity. Don't waste your time searching for a-arm products elsewhere, Everything Can-Am Offroad has you covered. Shop with us for all your Can-Am Defender a-arm and a-arm guard related needs.

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Whether you’re cruising through dense forest undergrowth or rugged boulder fields, your Can-Am Defender isn’t complete without a set of aftermarket Can-Am Defender a-arms and a-arm guards. A-arms serve as a critical linkage between your chassis and wheel hub that provide the necessary feedback you need when driving through rough terrain. Unfortunately, the stock a-arms, though of decent construction, don’t have the build quality to guarantee they will stand the test of time. They often prove brittle or soft, leaving them vulnerable to cracks and bending under heavy loads and rough use.

Whether you use your Defender for utilitarian or recreational purposes, a high-quality set of aftermarket a-arms and a-arm guards are components worth upgrading if you want to make the most of your machine. Quality aftermarket a-arms can increase your ground clearance, improve feedback to the driver, and last longer than stock components. Fortunately, Everything Can-Am Offroad has the aftermarket Can-Am Defender a-arms, a-arm guards, and hardware you need to elevate your workhorse to its highest potential.

Arched a-arms, like the ones made by leading UTV parts manufacturer SuperATV, are popular among Can-Am Defender owners who need a couple extra inches of clearance on the trail when traversing rocky terrain. The a-arms from SuperATV and other top tier manufacturers serve as an important foundation that allows you to tailor your Defender to your exact needs. Most notably, aftermarket arched a-arms offer extensive adjustability that allows owners to add a lift, new shocks, or aftermarket tires while maintaining the smooth ride quality Can-Am Defenders are known to deliver.

If you elect to replace your stock parts with high-clearance a-arms, then you’ll need to address the potential clearance issue with the stock alloy wheels. Factory alloy wheels are a bit thicker than steel wheels, so they can sometimes rub against aftermarket high-clearance a-arms. If you decide you want to stick with alloy wheels in conjunction with high-clearance a-arms, then you should add a wheel spacer to maximize your clearance. Alternatively, you could move your front a-arm mounts forward, effectively giving you the benefits of front forward a-arms.

Furthermore, it is important to be wary of companies that only advertise top or bottom a-arms. Maintaining consistency in parts selection from front to back, side to side, and top to bottom is the best way to maximize performance and reduce unnecessary maintenance. Mismatched parts won’t wear the same because the associated hardware won’t properly mesh for the best fit and finish. As a result, you’ll end up spending more money to replace parts more than once rather than installing a matching set that will prove to be more durable from the very beginning. Luckily, SuperATV offers their top-tier Can-Am Defender a-arms for both the front and rear sections.

Of course, it would be wise to protect your new investment with dedicated a-arm guards. Stock a-arms can be bent back into place, but they’ll forever be a weak point once the metal fatigues. Aftermarket a-arms are noticeably tougher than their stock counterparts, but they still deserve extra protection for long-term reliability. Taking the time to install a proper set of a-arm guards will ensure you spend more time riding and less time wrenching.

Though it might seem unnecessary at the time of purchase and installation, it is often best to replace the a-arm bushings while you’re installing the aftermarket a-arms. The additional hardware freshens up your entire suspension system with new components that are known to seat properly, and it will save you a lot of time down the road when you realize you should have completed this procedure in the beginning. We offer Can-Am Defender bushing from SuperATV as well as complete bushing kits from All Balls Racing. In particular, the bushing kits from SuperATV are made with UHMW, a low wear, self-lubricating material that will pay for itself in short order.

Can-Am Defender owners who want their machines to last a lifetime and deliver the best possible performance understand the importance of addressing the need for aftermarket a-arms and their associated accessories. After all, a-arms are the final connection between the chassis and wheel hubs that can make or break your riding experience. That’s why dedicated owners come to Everything Can-Am Offroad for all their aftermarket a-arm, a-arm guards, and hardware needs!

SuperATV and CFab are two of the many reputable UTV a-arm brands that we provide. And while some aftermarket a-arms are wider than stock and require their own special axles, others can be installed with basic equipment and require little to no modifications, alterations, or additional parts. We have Can-am a-arms designed for side-by-sides with portals, UTV a-arms that incorporate built-in steering stops, and Can-am Defender forward a-arms that can withstand a brutal pounding from the most extreme of riders. So whether you’re looking for a front or rear a-arm replacement, or an a-arm upgrade to handle an XMR suspension swap, when it comes to aftermarket a-arms for the Can-am Defender, look no further than Everything Can-Am Offroad!

The A-Arm Guards that we carry are definitely up to the job and you can either get a set of A-Arms and A-Arm Guards from the same brand or you can find a set that lines up well with the new set of A-Arms that you added recently. With that in mind, you may be wondering which UTV aftermarket brands are the best and of the best which is the best fit for your Can-Am Defender or Can-Am Defender MAX. Well, to be honest, we carry only the best, so you are already choosing from the best by being here. The brands that we carry have built reputations over the years of being dependable, innovative and of creating parts that have lengthy lifespans. These brands include Trail Armor, Rival Powersports, Factory UTV, High Lifter, SuperATV. You can count on the A-Arms and the A-Arm Guards that you choose for your UTV. They will give you the ground clearance you have been missing, add a pop of color to your suspension if you’re looking for a touch of style and they will definitely add strength to the suspension of your Side by Side. Choose the set that best matches your driving style and get on to the next trail!

Beef up your Can-Am Defender so you can get stability and performance like never before. Switch to high-quality with A-Arm and A-Arm Guards from Everything Can-Am Offroad. New A-Arm and A-Arm Guards can help to ensure that your ride quality is consistent and provides additional lift and support, especially when you add new shocks or larger tires. They add a layer of protection for your tires to combat additional wear and tear that can cause your alignment to get out-of-whack. They also add height to your rig, up to 2 inches with no lift kit added. That means extra clearance for a smoother ride. We carry High Clearance 2 Inch Forward Offset A-Arms for your Can-Am Defender or Front Forward Upper and Lower Control Arms for your Can-Am Defender MAX. These items can ensure that your UTV is protected from the abuse of the trail and can also add style to your ride. Get A-Arm and A-Arm Guards for your side by side from Everything Can-Am Offroad.

Aftermarket Can-Am Defender a-arms, side-by-side forward a-arms, UTV If you’re looking for replacement OEM a-arms for your Can-am Defender, if you are in the market for high clearance Can-am Defender a-arms for added ride height, or if you want to capitalize on the advantages of forward a-arms to make room for bigger and bulkier UTV tires, here at Everything Can-Am Offroad, our selection of UTV a-arms and a-arm guards is second to none. Be it some arched lower a-arms from a company like Lonestar Racing or Highlifter’s forward arched a-arms, the right a-arm for you will depend on your own riding style and the terrain in your area. Some a-arms only provide more ground clearance under the arms, without lifting your UTV. Others, however, have lifts built in, which will raise your machine’s ride height and allow you to conquer the nastiest of ruts. If you’ve already got pucks installed, you might want to consider a-arms that are arched with the fronts shifted forward. This makes room under the side-by-side and allows for larger tire clearance — because few things are more frustrating that scrubbing on tight turns or while your suspension is at full droop. And while you’re installing some new a-arms, you may as well throw on some a-arm guards while you’re at it. After all, if you keep breaking and replacing a-arms, you’re merely fixing the symptoms, not the underlying problem.