Air Intake

Everything Can-Am Offroad makes it easy to keep your Can-Am Defender running smoothly with a variety of air intake options. Maximize your access to clean air with Can-Am Defender air intakes, air intake filters, and air intake pre-filters. Find everything you need, including a Can-Am Defender air intake relocation kit, a cold air intake manifold, or a washable foam air intake filter on our website. Our user-friendly platform provides a hassle-free shopping experience for all your Can-Am Defender air intake needs. Breathe easy and take advantage of our high-quality Can-Am Defender air intakes and filters today.

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Keep your Can-Am Defender air intakes unclogged and flowing fully with the Can-Am Defender air filters, Can-Am Defender air intake replacements, and Can-Am Defender air intake relocation kits from Everything Can-Am Offroad! Not only do we have bigger Can-Am Defender air intakes by companies like Evolution Powersports, but we also offer Can-Am Defender air pre-filters and filterwears to stop dust / moisture, as well as an assortment of other Can-Am Defender air intake parts ranging from air intake cleaners and particle separators to replacement Can-Am Defender air intake manifolds. Be it replacement parts and components for your machine’s CVT belt air intake, or a relocation kit for your Can-Am Defender engine air intake, ensure that your bike breaths nothing but the freshest, cleanest, and driest air with a Can-Am Defender air intake accessory from Everything Can-Am Offroad!

People who ride through mud -- as well as those who’ve added snow tracks to their machines -- often relocate their Can-Am Defender air intakes with the help of snorkels and air intake extensions. There are many types of Can-Am Defender air intake relocation kits out there. Some kits simply lengthen the air intakes so that they’re positioned higher up on the machine, while others move the air intake inlets inside the cabin to reduce the chances of dust, water, and snow from finding their way inside the air intakes. One thing to consider when plumbing your Can-Am Defender air intakes inside the cab is noise. Although there are several things you can do to reduce the noise level of an in-cab Can-Am Defender air intake, there are other options out there to help you keep the inside of your air intakes bone dry and dust free that don’t involve relocating them inside the cockpit. If you do decide to install an air duct kit that redirects the Can-Am Defender air intakes from the rear wheel well into the cabin, you might want to invest in some ear plugs or ear muffs -- or a Can-Am Defender sound bar to drown out the annoying sound of your newly-relocated air intakes!

Some air intake relocation kits for the Can-Am Defender require you to drill holes in the cab, while other Can-Am Defender air intake accessories accomplish little more than an old sock would. Where air intake pre-filters are concerned, companies like Outerwears, SP1, and Helix Racing make great products that block airborne particulates without restricting airflow. And if you ride in dry / dusty areas, a pre-filter and washable air filter alone may not be enough. Instead, you might want a Can-Am Defender air filter cleaning kit, a Can-Am Defender air intake degreaser, or some tried and true Can-Am Defender air filter oils. Whatever your situation may be, however, be it a busted air intake housing or a cracked airbox lid, find the exact replacement parts and air intake upgrades you need here at Everything Can-Am Offroad!

Standard Can-Am Defender air intakes are one thing, but if you really want to get the most out of your machine, you might want to consider a Can-Am Defender cold-air intake. Companies like Agency Power make cold air intakes for the Can-Am Defender that’ll give you a few extra ponies of HP output. Cold air intake kits generate more power by directing cold air to the engine, which results in greater combustion efficiencies. A vehicle that struggles to intake air will surely struggle to perform. So by ensuring that your rig gets ample amounts of clean oxygen, you’ll be helping your motor work harder for longer!

And that last point is particularly important -- especially for a UTV like the Can-Am Defender, which is frequently used for work-related purposes. Replacing a belt is annoying and time-consuming, and rebuilding an engine is an expensive pain in the butt. But by taking a few precautions to prevent dust and moisture from getting through the air intakes, you’ll be saving yourself a whole bunch of time and money in the long run. Whether you’re riding at the beach and faced with fine sand, or riding in the snow and confronting dry powder, you won’t have to worry a lick about the challenges you face with the right Can-Am Defender air intake accessories installed. So have fun and work hard when riding, and never be forced to relent due to air intake issues with the Can-Am Defender air intakes, air filters, and intake snorkels from Everything Can-Am Offroad!

Ensure that your vehicle is getting fresh, pure, and clean air with the Can-Am Defender air intake accessories from Everything Can-Am Offroad! In addition to complete air intake assemblies for the Can-Am Defender, we also offer air intake components for the Can-Am Defender as well. Whether you require an air intake adapter, a blow-by hose, or a crankcase breather, we’ve got what your bike needs here at Everything Can-Am Offroad. More fuel plus more air generally equals more horsepower and greater torque. So by ensuring that your UTV’s engine is receiving ample amounts of oxygen, you can optimize the power output of your machine. While CVT and engine air intake relocations can boost the performance of your side-by-side slightly, moving your Can-Am Defender air intakes higher and more towards the front of the vehicle will ensure that they stay dry and free from dust. Snorkel kits exist for the Can-Am Defender that extend the air intake points, and particle separators like the ones by S&B will ensure that minimal errant contaminants make their way into your vehicle’s engine. Protect your rig by never neglecting your Can-Am Defender air intakes!

With Can-Am Defender air intake manifolds as well as air intake components like filters and gaskets, Everything Can-Am Offroad has all the air intake parts and components you’ll need to prevent dirty air from getting into your machine’s internals. If you want to protect your air intakes from moisture but don’t want a full-blown snorkel system, we have air intakes that install right behind the driver’s seat. Whether you’re looking to avoid sucking dust into your air intakes on dry summer trails, wanting to prevent water from infiltrating your air intakes when crossing creeks and small rivers, or simply in need of a replacement Can-Am Defender air intake, we’ve got exactly what you seek at Everything Can-Am Offroad! Don’t delay and get the right air intake products for your bike now!