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Body Panels & Accessories

Whether you’ve got bright yellow body panels on your Can-Am Defender or a set of UTV body panels that are black, silver, or white, find all the body panels and body panel accessories you require by shopping at Everything Can-Am Offroad today! Not only do we sell replacement Can-Am Defender body panels, but we also offer body panel rivets as well as body panel waxes and coatings to both restore and preserve your factory Defender body panels. In some cases, you might be able to buff out unsightly scratches, scrapes, and dings. In other cases, however, replacement Can-Am Defender body panels are required. But regardless of whether you smacked a stump and ripped the fender panel right off the frame of your UTV, or if you got a little overconfident when threading the needle and damaged a side body panel, the right solutions are out there, and they can all be found at Everything Can-Am Offroad!

With everything from Tuflok plastic body panel rivets to push nuts, pop rivets, and torx trusses, Everything Can-Am Offroad is the go-to destination for Can-Am Defender body panel accessories. Need a new lateral panel for your Can-Am Defender HD10? Or how about a replacement rocker panel for your Defender MAX Lone Star Edition? Whatever it is that you seek, Everything Can-Am Offroad can oblige. Many riders like to swap out their Defender body panels for a set of camouflage body panels, while others prefer to mix and match their color scheme for a unique and individualized look. It doesn’t matter, though, if you’re searching for squadron green body panels, pure magnesium body panels, or intense red body panels, the selection of plastics and Can-Am Defender body panel accessories at Everything Can-Am Offroad excludes nothing. So get your bike’s exterior looking fresh, new, and exactly how you want it with the Can-Am Defender body panels and body panel accessories from Everything Can-Am Offroad! 

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