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Top speeds and raw acceleration get a lot of attention in the power sports world. Especially with regards to the Can-am Defender, many riders are overzealous when it comes to souping up their machine for every last bit of giddy-up-and-go. But where performance is concerned, being able to stop is equally important. Which is why we here at Everything Can-Am Offroad never skimp on the brakes. Be they replacement OEM Can-am Defender brakes, Wild Boar brake pads, parking brakes, or other Can-am brake components, we provide the highest of quality at market-leading prices. Further, we’ll never try to sell you parts or accessories that you don’t need. For instance, many side-by-side parts dealers will try to push Can-am Defender brass brake pads. And while brass brake pads are indeed superior — lasting longer with exceptional stopping power — for those who ride wet and muddy conditions, brass brake pads may be overkill for more casual riders. For leisure Can-am owners, factory brake pads will usually do the trick and won’t cost as much. Additionally, if braking noise is of concern to you, then brass may not be the best option, as they tend to squeak and squeal more than standard brake pads. That being said, for mudders, sand dune rippers, and creek crawlers, brass is definitely superior.

In addition to Can-am Defender brakes and brake pads, many Can-am owners like to run a parking brake (AKA hand brake) in their UTVs. Parking brakes are useful for the obvious reasons — parking on inclines, added brake power when towing, and the ability to park without having to shift. Can-am Defender parking brakes are also compulsory in many jurisdictions for street legalization. So if you want to drive your side-by-side on city roads and highways, you may need a parking brake to comply with local rules of the road. Be it replacement brake pads, aftermarket brake rotors, or any other brake related accessory, at Everything Can-Am Offroad, we’ve got em’ all!

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1 products

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