Carrier Bearings

Whether you’ve got the stock driveshaft, a Rhino driveshaft, or another aftermarket UTV drive shaft, we’ve got the right Can-Am Defender carrier bearings and Can-Am Defender MAX carrier bearings for you at Everything Can-Am Offroad! Be it solid Can-Am Defender carrier bearings or greasable Can-Am Defender carrier bearings, you’ll eliminate driveline slack and unwanted vibrations with a phased and correctly-oriented Can-Am Defender carrier bearing and / or driveshaft from Everything Can-Am Offroad!

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Although the stock 2-door Defenders don’t come with carrier bearings, the 4-door Defender MAX editions do. So if your Can-Am Defender carrier bearing is bad, or if you’re wanting to install a 2-piece drive shaft that does utilize a carrier bearing, we can help you here at Everything Can-Am Offroad! In some cases, worn out or damaged carrier bearings will result in bad clunking sounds coming from the drivetrain that get worse and more obvious the faster you go. This, however, could also be a bad U-joint or something in the differential. Similarly, unruly carrier bearings can also cause vibrations in the driveline, so if you’re experiencing these symptoms, a new Can-Am Defender MAX carrier bearing might be the correct course of action. Alternatively, it’s possible that you could get away with a carrier bearing rebuild kit that replaces the seal and bearings instead of the entire carrier bearing assembly. But no matter what the situation calls for, we can rectify it with top-notch parts at bargain-basement prices that are available at Everything Can-Am Offroad!

By getting a one-piece driveshaft like the ones by SuperATV, you’ll no longer have to worry about carrier bearings going bad. That being said, though, the Rhino shafts by SATV are sometimes unbalanced, and can therefore cause the very vibrations that you are looking to eliminate. For those with enough pocket change to spare, Turner driveshafts are about as good as they come, and they’re almost always properly lined up, balanced, and phased direct from the factory. But if you’re not wanting to mess around with your prop shaft and are certain that the carrier bearing is faulty, we can sort you out with a billet Can-Am Defender carrier bearing, a Sandcraft carrier bearing with grease fittings, or other high-grade Can-Am Defender carrier bearings that’ll outperform their stock counterparts in almost every single metric!