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Maverick X3

Cleaning Supplies

Periodic cleaning of your Can-Am Defender will not only keep your side-by-side looking good, but by removing dust, dirt, mud, and debris from your vehicle, you can actually reduce wear, cut back on maintenance costs, and extend the life of your vehicle. Can-Am Defender cleaning products like Super Clean diluted with some water works great on both the interior and exterior -- just make sure to avoid your dash electronics and intakes. For the latter, we offer wash and storage plugs for the Can-Am Defender, which are designed to keep your clutches and intakes free from water when cleaning, and keep critters out when your machine is in storage. Many riders like to apply body waxes and ceramic coatings to the exterior of their Defenders. These and similar cleaning supplies not only add a layer of protection to the body plastics, but they also make them easier to wash off after rides. Wet Wax, Lemon Pledge, and run-of-the-mill tier shine all work wonders on the exterior of the Can-Am Defender, and we offer these cleaning solutions plus many more at Everything Can-Am Offroad!

Keeping your bike looking fresh on the outside is one thing, but the right Can-Am Defender cleaning solutions can make or break your vehicle's internals. On-trail spray bottles and brushes come in handy to remove caked-on mud from the radiator fins, while hosing down the area above your skid plates will flush away dirt and plant material that could heat up and potentially ignite. As far as keeping the engine and fuel system clean, there are many products available for the Can-Am Defender to eliminate gunk, treat ethanol-enriched gasoline, and dissolve contaminants in both the fuel tank and fuel lines. Be it a spray-on Can-Am Defender cleaning solution for the seat upholstery of your UTV, or products to use when you’re cleaning up the belt and clutch housing, keep your bike looking good and running at peak performance with the Can-Am Defender cleaning products from Everything Can-Am Offroad! 

28 products

28 products