Cleaning Supplies

Maintain the pristine condition of your Can-Am Defender with the cleaning solutions available at Everything Can-Am Offroad. Our range of products includes cleaning supplies for both the exterior and interior of your vehicle. Keep the outer body panels looking new with our selection of soaps, waxes, and foam cannons, and ensure the interiors are just as clean with our dash, windshield, seat, and cargo bed mat liner cleaning supplies. Our Can-Am Defender cleaning products are designed to effectively preserve and clean your vehicle, ensuring you get the most out of your investment. Trust Everything Can-Am Offroad to provide you with top-of-the-line cleaning solutions for your Can-Am Defender.

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For many of us, the mere mention of the word “cleaning” dredges up nightmares of mom and dad’s chore lists, but in the case of your Can-Am Defender or Defender Max, cleaning is much more than a to-do item. If you don’t engage in proper Can-Am Defender radiator cleaning, carburetor cleaning, and clutch cleaning at the very minimum, you may find yourself “riding dirty” in all the wrong ways (aka, stuck in a ditch somewhere). Because we as fellow UTV enthusiasts are all too familiar with the pain of breaking down on the open trail, we are treating this category of Can-Am Defender cleaning products as an opportunity to prevent that for our loyal riders.

First and foremost, know matter how flashy the marketing is, you always want to make sure that the Can-Am Defender clutch cleaning, injector cleaning, or whatever cleaning products you’re getting are safe for use on metal components. This is why we make sure to feature plenty of non-corrosive cleaning products that are just as effective for dirt on plastic as they are for grease on metal components. Even though Can-Am Defender cleaning products like this Offroad Cleaner and Degreaser from Slick Products are gentle enough for these materials, they’re a serious step up from your everyday house-cleaning product. We’re talking seriously potent surfactants and other powerful ingredients designed to seek and destroy dirt, grease, and grime. Even better, we feature plenty of all-surface Can-Am Defender cleaning product kits with biodegradable formulations so you can feel good about keeping your ride looking and performing at its best.

But depending on what you’re cleaning and for what purpose, an all-purpose Can-Am Defender cleaning kit isn’t always the best choice. For example, if you want to really detail your windshield (fair warning, bring some sunglasses the next time you ride), a Can-Am Defender or Defender Max windshield cleaning kit can really take it to that next level. We offer just such a solution for polycarbonate windshields from Extreme Metal Products. Their anti-fog windshield cleaner adds the power of surfactants with specialized polymers to not only clean your windshield, but keep it protected from fingerprints, bugs, rain, and much more. This is yet another case where the proper cleaning kit can not only enhance performance, but you and your passengers’ safety while out on a ride. Keeping that theme going, you are definitely going to want a specialized product when it comes to keeping your air filter clean. Maxima makes a super easy, yet effective Can-Am Defender air filter cleaning product that allows you to do just that. It works on foam as well as fabric filters, is free of corrosive chemicals, and can be washed out with water. The emulsion formula is the key to attacking those dirt clods and breaking them down efficiently.

And for all of you K&N rockers out there who may be feeling a little left out, don’t worry. We have a Can-Am Defender filter cleaning kit made from K&N themselves to recharge and deep clean your filter for huge improvements in air flow efficiency. We reiterate: it’s always better to fix then to throw away if you can, and this is a perfect example. These are a couple of several Can-Am Defender air filter cleaning products we have on offer, but if you’re looking to take the easy and cheap route without sacrificing job quality, this is your product.

And of course, for just about everything else, whether you’re looking for a Can-Am Defender washer fluid pump, seat cleaner, or anything in-between, we’ve made sure to accommodate with a range of high-quality Can-Am Defender cleaning products. If you haven’t caught the theme yet, we aim for a balance between industrial-strength cleaning/degreasing power and environmentally friendly formulations. It also doesn’t hurt to, you know, have a product you can trust not to flay the top layers of skin off your hands on accidental contact (sorry for the image, but true). Basically, if it can be cleaned, we’ve got one or multiple safe and effective products ready to go at Everything Can-Am Offroad. So, let’s break the association between the word “cleaning” and PTSD flashbacks of mom’s chore list together and forge a new meaning of clean: the power to propel your Can-Am Defender into a new stratosphere of performance.