Looking for communication accessories for your Can-Am Defender? Look no further than Everything Can-Am Offroad! We offer a variety of options including radios, intercoms, and headsets to keep you connected while on the go. Our selection includes dual-band handheld radios for use both inside and outside of the vehicle, as well as Bluetooth UTV helmets and in-helmet speakers and microphones. At everything Can-Am Offroad, we understand the importance of staying connected while remaining safe, which is why we offer quality products that will help you do just that. Don't let a lack of communication hold you back - check out our selection of Can-Am Defender communication accessories today!

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Communication from your Can-Am Defender while out with your fellow riders on the trail is always important. Rather than reaching for your smartphone to call every time you need to communicate with the team, why not equip your Can-Am Defender with a radio or intercom system instead. These durable and long-lasting Can-Am Defender radios and intercoms are just what you need to thoroughly enjoy your time on the trail in your Can-Am Defender while being able to communicate whenever you need to. This is really handy if you find yourself in the position of needing help because you have gotten your Can-Am Defender stuck in a particularly sticky situation. We can’t tell you how many stories we hear from Can-Am Defender owners who credit having a communication or radio system as the reason why they didn’t have to spend the night in the woods with their stuck or broken down Can-Am Defender.

Our Can-Am Defender radios and intercoms are made by trusted and respected brands like Rugged Radios, a UTV aftermarket supplier that you can trust and understands the need for radio communication while out on the trail. The range on these radios is quite long with a battery life to match, meaning you’ll get wireless communication from your Can-Am Defender wherever, whenever. Choose whether you want a pair or a full set for you and the team, which would come in handy whether you use your Can-Am Defender on a worksite or for recreation. These are the radios and intercom systems that you and your Can-Am Defender need. Choose from the options here and you won’t regret getting them after your first off-road adventure with these radios as part of your journey. Radio kits and intercom systems are the type of aftermarket accessories that will make you wonder why you never installed them sooner.

If you’re wondering what the Can-Am Defender owners in the know use for communications on trail rides when cell service is unavailable, you’ve come to the right place. Here at Everything Can-Am Offroad, we’ve got all the communication accessories for the Can-Am Defender. Be it a portable handheld intercom system, an in-helmet receiver, mic, and headset or a more permanent communication accessory mounted in your side-by-side, there is nothing better, clearer, and easier to use than the systems we have here at Everything Can-Am Offroad. Very high frequency (VHF) radios are commonplace in the UTV world, and the classic citizen’s band (CB) radios are making a comeback as well.

Things like FRS walkie talkies are great because they require no license. GMRS communication systems are supposed to require a license, but it’s hard to tell how hard the FCC enforces that. The Defender communication radios by Baofengs work great, but they are extremely easy to do something illegal with if you don’t know what frequencies and power limits are enforced by the Federal Communications Commission. A robust and safe option would be the Baofeng MURS radios. They use 2 meter VHF frequencies and adhere to power limits. Another option is to obtain a technician HAM license; which is easy to get for a $15-18 testing fee and it’s good for life. Gone are the days of flares and SOS smoke signals. If you want to communicate with fellow riders in your crew or the general world at large in your area, install a Can-Am Defender communication accessory in your rig today. Despite you owning the reliable Defender, situations may still arise when you find yourself deep in the wilderness trapped with your own devices, having an emergency transmitter / comm system can be a literal life saver. Install one now and you won’t be disappointed in the future!

It’s time to up your game and overall riding experience with a Can-Am Defender communications system from Everything Can-Am Offroad. Your Can-Am Defender is one impressive machine, but what it is lacking is the ability to communicate with friends and family while riding or listening to your tunes uninhibited by road and engine noises. Communication really is key while off-roading. You never know when you’ll get yourself into a situation you can’t get out of without some help. This is when having the ability to call a friend is priceless. Just imagine getting your Can-Am Defender stuck up to its wheels in the mud without a radio or intercom system. Without any form of communication, you’ll have to cross your fingers and hope that your buddies come looking for you before sunset.

At Everything Can-Am Offroad, we are proud to work with some of the most respected names in the UTV industry like Rugged Radios. When it comes to Can-Am Defender communications kits, radios, and intercom systems, Rugged Radio products are second to none. When it comes to being innovative, tough, durable, and totally badass, it doesn’t get better than them. Rugged Radio makes everything you could possibly need to enhance communication from your Can-Am Defender. Can-Am Defender cable plugs, external antennas, helmet kits, headsets, mounts, walkie talkies, intercom systems, and so much more is what you will find here at Everything Can-Am Offroad. Whether you want to just talk to a friend on a private line, or you want the party line experience with everyone, with a Can-Am Defender communication system you can connect to anyone you want. No longer must you shout and bend that ear trying to hear what is being said anymore.

Don’t forget about the amazing sounds of your music while out riding in your Can-Am Defender. You won’t need to crank that dial up and still be unable to hear it. You can hear every chord, every riff, every beat with amazing clarity through your headset or your in-helmet speakers while tearing it up in your Can-Am Defender. You won’t have to miss another beat of your favorite song ever again. Definitely sparks your interest doesn’t it? If you’re ready for wireless, hands-free communication anytime, anywhere from your Can-Am Defender, then check out our amazing lineup of Can-Am Defender communication gear, radio kits, intercom systems, and more right here at Everything Can-Am Offroad!