Engine Performance

Everything Can-Am Offroad offers a wide selection of Can-Am Defender engine performance parts, upgrades, and chips to enhance the speed, power, and quickness of your vehicle. Whether you need a small engine upgrade or a complete rebuild kit, we have everything your Can-Am Defender motor requires to operate at its maximum potential. Don't settle for stock performance when you have unrestricted access to all of these products. Everything Can-Am Offroad is the ultimate destination for Can-Am Defender owners who want to take their driving experience to the next level. Browse our extensive selection of engine performance parts and accessories today and make your Can-Am Defender stand out from the rest! Trust us to provide you with the best products to improve your Can-Am Defender's overall performance.

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Can-Am Defender’s aren’t the quickest machines in BRP’s UTV lineup, but with the right Can-Am Defender engine performance accessories, you’ll be able to squeeze a considerable amount of extra horsepower from your machine’s Rotax engine! And while many riders are perfectly content with the amount of power that the Can-Am Defender can produce, others feel like their Defenders need a little more grunt. In some cases, turbos and aftermarket exhausts are used to generate more power in the Can-Am Defender, while in others, complete motor swaps are used to achieve engine performance gains. However, it’d be pretty hard to fit all the plumbing that a turbo requires into a Can-Am Defender, and unless you’ve got a Can-Am Maverick X3 V Twin engine just laying around, a Can-Am Defender engine swap is among the more expensive options out there. That being said, there are affordable Can-Am Defender engine performance mods that everyday riders can utilize to get more power, reliability, and longevity out of their Can-Am Defender motors!

One accessory that’ll help you unleash your vehicle’s engine is an ECU tuner. Through the use of a Can-Am Defender ECU tuner, you’ll be able to do way more than you would with an ECM flash alone. For one, ECU tuners allow you to remove the limiters imposed on your machine’s engine by the manufacturer. By removing or raising both the speed governor and the RPM governor, you’ll not only get faster top speeds, but also better performance on trails and in mud. In some situations, your rev governor is there to let you know that you should be in low instead of high gear -- and there are also governors in the Can-Am Defender that kick in at certain speeds if you’re not wearing a seatbelt. Nevertheless, if the vehicle’s computer is all that’s holding you back from better Can-Am Defender engine performance, an ECU tuning device from Everything Can-Am Offroad can help!

Accessories like gear reduction kits are available to give Can-Am Defender owners additional torque, but for those who want faster top speeds, performance engine parts are likely in the cards. One way to up the oomph of any internal combustion engine is to expand the engine displacement, and a good way to achieve this is to make the cylinders a bit bigger with a Can-Am Defender big bore kit. Something like the MrRPM 1040cc BBK on a Defender XMR Max will give you a definite boost over the stock engine. And although it won’t make your bike competitive in off-road races, it will help you keep up with your buddies who own X3 Mavericks! Generally speaking, a Can-Am Defender big bore kit comes with cylinders, pins, rings, pistons, head gaskets, and base gaskets. Plus, you can find kits with 94mm bore sizes, 91mm bore sizes, and a variety of other bore sizes for 799.9cc Can-Am Defender HD8 engines, 976cc Can-Am Defender HD10 engines, and 427cc Can-Am Defender HD5 engines!

If you don’t want to go with a full-blown big bore kit on your Can-Am Defender but still want to capitalize on some of the performance Can-Am Defender engine parts that most big bore packages come with, we can assist you with that. JE Pistons, for example, are known for their amazing high-compression piston kits for the Can-Am Defender. JE pistons are designed and forged for high-intensity applications, so regardless of whether you’re racing competitively or putting your cajones to the test with some solo laps at your local track, aftermarket Can-Am Defender pistons will bring nothing but good things to your engine. Similarly, upgraded Can-Am Defender head gaskets are also popular among riders looking for higher engine performance -- with the multi-layer steel Can-Am Defender head gaskets by Cometic being among the best in the industry. When you’re subjecting your Can-Am Defender engine to extreme conditions, it’s good to know that high-performance engine parts are there and ready to handle more!

If you wanted to get a UTV exclusively for raw power and speed, you probably would have opted for a Maverick X3 over the Can-Am Defender. But if you want more horsepower, durability, or reliability out of the motor in your Can-Am Defender, you’ve come to the right place. At Everything Can-Am Offroad, we not only have engine performance parts and accessories to up the power of your machine, but we also provide things like fuel additives and engine cleaners so that your motor stays functional for longer. Many Can-Am Defender owners choose to reflash their machine’s ECM, which gets rid of electronically-imposed limitations like the shaft saver and rev limiter — as well as adjusting the fuel timing and lowering the cooling fan activation threshold. More than an ECU reflash, accessories like the Thor Box can give you more of the performance gains you seek without making your rig over-the-top. And even if you end up swapping out your engine’s internals with beefier and more powerful replacement parts, you can use a Thor Box in conjunction with a Dynojet power commander to ensure that everything is properly integrated and maximally optimized. No matter what you do in your Defender, we’ve got the engine performance upgrades for you here at Everything Can-Am Offroad!

Some riders choose to put Can-Am Maverick heads into their Can-Am Defender engines, but this requires a piston change as well to make sure that the compression stays the same — which allows riders to realize all the benefits from their Defender head swap. You can also switch out the cams in your Can-Am Defender engine, but if you go this route, you should also tune your ECM accordingly to achieve proper mapping. While you might be the type of person who either goes big or goes home, there are many small adjustments you can make to your Can-Am Defender to bring about more power and greater durability from the engine and its constituent components!

When the dust settles and the day has come to an end, your adrenaline rush may fade, but your bragging rights will live on... well, at least until you ride again. While machines like the Maverick and Commander are more suitable for fast-pace riding, this doesn’t mean that you must go slow in the Can-Am Defender. So long as you’ve got suitable engine performance parts, components, and accessories in your Defender motor, it is sure to be an underrated sleeper that no one expects will whoop their butt in a competition of speed!